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This article was published on November 1, 2019

Watch me test a ‘walking desk’ for 7 hours straight because why not

Social media + brain = exercise

Watch me test a ‘walking desk’ for 7 hours straight because why not

Yes, for “science” and my “job” I’m spending the entire day on a Walkolution treadmill desk. While working.

Truly, readers, friends, and enemies, I live a life you should be envious of. Hell, I’m literally writing this article while walking. If that’s not inspirational, I don’t know what is.

You can catch the livestream of this seismic event right beneath this paragraph. So here you go:

Of course, you might not be watching it live, but that’s fine too. Just stick on that livestream and soak up all that tasty, ASMR-influenced perambulation. (Disclaimer: we might need to take the camera away before I actually finish the day’s work, but what can you do?)

There’s a bigger question though: why? Why am I doing this? What sort of loser does this? Well, aside from the obvious retort of “why the hell not,” it’s about modern life, maaaan.

Social media (okay, lame, I know) means we’re bombarded with curated snippets of supposedly perfect lives. It’s as though we’re expected to not only have fulfilling, meaningful, and exciting careers, but also have perfect, Instagram-model bodies. How can you possibly find the time to do both?

This mentality has led, to some degree at least, the surging popularity of things like standing and walking desks. More people seem to pop to the gym at lunch, trying to squeeze everything they can out of their work day.

Thing is, a few minutes here and there isn’t going to make much difference. This means the only truly, totally, logical thing to do is to spend a full working day on a walking desk. Combing both productivity and fitness until I’m a hashtag-business-fit-boy. And it’s all because of THE EVIL SOCIAL MEDIA.

Wow, I almost convinced myself there.

Life is meaningless. Everything is pointless. Consumerism is ridiculous. And I’m walking in an office.

But I did manage to publish an article while doing this, and you’ve read this far, so who’s a loser now?

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