This article was published on May 6, 2021

Rivian R1T’s been spotted with a LiDAR rig — is this Driver+ related?

The R1T Launch Edition is coming soon

Rivian R1T’s been spotted with a LiDAR rig — is this Driver+ related? Image by: Phil in Palo Alto, CA

A Rivian R1T truck was sighted driving along Page Mill Road in Palo Alto, California, according to photos shared with Teslarati. Intriguingly, the car was bearing a LiDAR rig on its roof.

With the upcoming launch of the R1T, it’s rather safe to assume that the company was testing its Driver+ assistance system, which comes standard with every Rivian vehicle. And besides, the truck was spotted in close proximity to the company’s office that develops the brand’s software and vehicle electronics. 

Apparently, Rivian didn’t want much publicity on the matter. The source told Teslarati that the truck “wore” a camouflage skin and quickly changed direction when he got too close. He also mentioned that he had seen earlier a black R1T truck in the area, which he believed to be a pre-production vehicle.

The truck’s Launch Edition is much awaited and will arrive in June. It will feature special interior badging, and an exclusive Launch Green paint color option.

The Driver+ will offer a pack of automatic options such as steering, speed adjustment, and lane keeping, but it won’t qualify as autonomous driving. 

Do EVs excite your electrons? Do ebikes get your wheels spinning? Do self-driving cars get you all charged up? 

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