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This article was published on September 7, 2021

Europe’s 100 hottest young scaleups of 2021

Meet this year's Tech5 winners

Europe’s 100 hottest young scaleups of 2021

The Tech5 talent search is back again. We scoured, measured, and assessed scaleups from all corners of the continent to bring you the top 100 for 2021. Based on performance, growth, and potential, these companies have proven they have what it takes to join the exclusive Tech5 community. And just what does that mean?

The Tech5 community is a network of top European founders designed to help them connect, get access to bespoke events, and gain media exposure. Some of the winners will also be invited to local events organized by TNW and Adyen.

But enough about the perks, here are the winners:


Country Winner: Storyblok: A Headless and API-based CMS as a Service. It provides ‘highly customizable content blocks and visual editing tools which are flexible for developers and editors.

inoqo: A mobile app providing consumers with scientific-based data on the environmental, social and biodiversity impact of familiar grocery products.

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Newsadoo: Personalizes news with artificial intelligence. The platform collates news pieces from newspapers, radio broadcasts, TV stations and online portals.

hi.health: Offers people with private health insurance convenient and safe access to health care billing via app or web.

Gronda: An award-winning app for passionate chefs, waiters, sommeliers, baristas and other hospitality professionals to network, advance their career, and share inspiration.


Country Winner: Sunrise: A 3-gram sensor to diagnose sleep disorders. The technology offers a revolutionary new way to measure brain commands at night with published clinical results.

Urbantz: A last mile delivery management platform for enterprises designed to provide real-time visibility and complete control over the entire delivery chain.

MobieTrain: A mobile, microlearning platform where companies can easily create their own branded learning paths for frontline employees to improve productivity, sales, and more.

Soda Data: Data observability platform that uncovers data issues, alerts the right teams, and triggers resolution workflows to identify causes that impede data quality.

Loop Earplugs: Loop is a leading-edge hearing protection brand with a mission to prevent hearing damage. Their products include Loop Quiet, Experience, and Experience Pro.

Czech Republic

Country Winner: Smartlook: Allows companies to analyze user behavior by recording users on websites and in mobile apps. Its features allow you to search through thousands of recordings instantly.

LIV Inc: Creates technology to share VR experiences. They’re redefining what live-streamed gaming content looks and feels like by turning passive spectators into active participants

Time is Ltd.: Advanced analytical SaaS platform that delivers a holistic view of an organization’s collaboration patterns. 

IP Fabric: An Automated Network Assurance Platform, which uncovers risks and threats before they occur by simulating global networks.

DoDo: Same Day delivery marketplace that uses the power of intelligent technologies to make the Last Mile easy.


Country Winner: Lenus eHealth: A B2B technology and innovation firm providing cloud-based SaaS to help health and fitness professionals build a strong and sustainable online business.

LifeX: A co-living startup in Copenhagen and Berlin providing end-to-end relocation services, including a flexible housing subscription and community events.

Contractbook: An end-to-end contract management platform that enables users to manage  contracts throughout their entire lifecycle in a single streamlined flow.

SoundBoks: Hardware company that built the first Bluetooth Performance Speaker. Get sound, battery, durability and connectivity without limitations.

Nøie: Customized skincare based on individual skin profiles, scientifically proven ingredients, and shared knowledge within a community united by similar issues.


Country Winner: Tuum: A cloud-native banking platform that allows customers to establish a new banking business or digitally transform an existing one.

Viveo Health: A fast, simple, and secure e-health platform making healthcare accessible to everyone. The platform’s telemedicine services are available to companies and individuals.

Cachet: A financial services marketplace for gig workers. The platform aggregates and enrichs cross-market data from gig platforms enabling personalized insurance coverage.

Salv: An anti-money laundering, crime-fighting platform built by the creators of TransferWise and Skype’s compliance.

Ampler Bikes: Light electric bikes with a classic bicycle design.


Country Winner: Varjo: Makes the most advanced augmented, virtual and mixed reality headsets for professionals, creating an immersive workplace experience.

MaaS Global: A Mobility-as-a-Service operator, the company’s Whim app gives users access to all city transport services including public transport, taxis, and bikes with one subscription.

Fiksu Ruoka: A startup that reduces food waste by selling surplus groceries through its online store with high discounts.

iFarm: Developing solutions for modern urban farming. Their vertical farming solutions leverage data-driven, automated technology, allowing users to grow year round. 

Sensible 4: An autonomous driving software company that develops self-driving vehicles for all-year round use.


Country Winner: Sunday: Creates QR codes that allow diners to easily pull up menus and pay in restaurants. Restaurant owners are able to turn tables faster, increase average spend, and get more tips.

ShipUp: Creates a unique post-purchase experience for online retailers. The platform tracks all packages in one place and offers customers a unique and customized delivery experience.

Yubo: Social platform and live streaming app where Generation Z can create communities of friends around the world, play games, and chat.

Livestorm: A browser based online web conferencing software used to share real-time live streams. Users can power remote live meetings, product demos, sales webinars, and more.

Papernest: Helps users subscribe to and manage new contracts. The company moves telecom contracts, energy contracts or even home insurance through partnerships with its suppliers.


Country Winner: Planetly: Software helping companies to analyze, reduce, and offset their carbon footprint. 

C’est Normal: An ecommerce store and lifestyle brand.

apaleo: A cloud platform that gives forward-thinking hotels the freedom to adopt the technology they need to run their business, without integration pains.

Habyt: Proptech company that provides users an easy way to find a fully furnished, private room or apartment in Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, and Lisbon.

sennder: Europe’s leading freight forwarder offering shippers access to a connected fleet of thousands of trucks with a focus on digitalization and automation of road logistics processes. 

ShowHeroes: Provides mobile video content and distribution technology for publishers. Solutions include mobile video production, content creation, and data-driven targeting.


Country Winner: Shapr3D: An intuitive CAD tool built to make 3D modeling easier and quicker.

Craft Docs: Craft is a next-generation document editor – it offers unparalleled editing experience on touch devices and is blazing fast and easy to use on macOS as well.

SEON Technologies: SEON Fraud Prevention tools help organisations reduce the costs and resources lost to fraud. Spot fake accounts, slash manual reviews and cut chargebacks.

BOOKR Kids: The platform inspires a love of reading whilst boosting literacy, social-emotional, and cognitive skills through interactive e-books.

Talk-A-Bot: An information technology company that provides an enterprise chat-bot for corporate, company, and brand.


Country Winner: Flipdish: Helps on-demand food businesses create branded food ordering systems, websites, and apps.

ApisProtect: Develops an agricultural technology designed for the management and care of bees.

Manna Drone Delivery: A drone delivery as a service stack for restaurant chains, dark kitchens, and online food delivery platforms

Buymie: A same-day grocery delivery company. It offers users groceries delivered on-demand in as little as 1 hour.

Circit: A financial audit management platform that provides secure, real-time visibility of audit confirmations and direct connections to banks, solicitors, and fintech services.


Country Winner: Kellify: A science-centric scale-up that comprehends the world through images. They help high potential businesses scale globally with AI, Computer Vision, and Neuroscience.

Mirta: Handcrafted bags, 100% Made in Italy, straight from the finest luxury artisans.

Cosaporto: A home delivery service bringing users goods from upmarket and premium shops including desserts, ice cream, flowers, drinks, cakes, and more. 

acbc: Advanced Commuter Basic Concept patented footwear are designed to improve your commuting and travelling performance. They’re also made with eco-friendly materials.

WeRoad: A platform that connects solo travelers eager to discovery the world, meet new cultures, and make new friends.


Country Winner: SME Finance: Helps SMEs grow as smoothly as possible by offering quick and easy funding solutions through invoice financing (factoring) and business loans.

Ovoko: A platform where consumers can purchase used car parts. They connect over 885 different suppliers across Europe and deliver parts directly to the consumers’ homes.

Eneba: A gaming marketplace which has attracted gamers with its ‘one-click to buy’ gamer experience, fingerprinting technology, simple refund process, and new security features. 

PROFITUS: A Real Estate crowdfunding and investment platform that lets you borrow money for a real estate project or invest in one from as little as 50 euros.

SKETCHAR.io: An AI-based mobile app for developing people’s creativity through the unique interactive approach of AR drawing, photo editing, and gamification.

The Netherlands

Country Winner: Shypple: Your digital forwarder for moving freight globally. Companies are able to manage and analyze their supply-chains in real-time via the platform’s web-based dashboards.

NADUVI: An online platform that offers a wide range of interior design products from various brands to decorate residential projects.

Orderchamp: A marketplace that brings independent retailers and brands together to provide wholesale service for local communities.

Hiber: Offers global and affordable IoT connectivity via Hiberband. Its an industry leader in the next generation of IoT core infrastructure.

Zivver: A solution that secures communications to prevent data leaks when exchanging sensitive information.


Country Winner: imove: Car Subscription as a Service solution which offers services for car manufacturers, banking and finance, insurance, telecom, energy, and marketplaces.

Folio: The bank account that does your accounting for you. On a mission to give entrepreneurs the confidence to start and grow a business.

Vev: A collaborative visual editor for creatives to build interactive websites.

Varig Technologies: PropTech company currently on a mission to promote sustainability through improved property management. 

Throw No More: A food waste app that helps reduce food waste in the grocery industry.


Country Winner: Omnipack: Provides a full-stack fulfillment service including storage, packaging, shipping, return management, and a number of additional services for the eCommerce industry.

edrone: Powerful customer intelligence and marketing automation platform. Ready to use with plug and play scenarios.

Plenti: Plenti is a rent tech on-demand that offers a fast, easy, and safe access to consumer electronics.

Booste: Fintech platform helping ecommerce companies boost their growth by offering financing, analysis, and access to the best partners.

Airly: Changing the way people see the air they breathe by providing accurate, hyper-local data about air pollution.


Country Winner: Infraspeak: An Intelligent CMMS Software that brings outstanding flexibility, connectivity and intelligence to your business’ operations.

MOV.AI: Robotics engine platform that provides autonomous robot manufacturers everything they need to quickly build, deploy and operate enterprise grade robots.

PlatformE: Technological stack using 3D product visualization, 3D product configuration, and supply chain technology to make on-demand fashion possible.

Musiversal: Monthly subscription service allowing users to book unlimited recording sessions with professional musicians and sound engineers remotely.

knokcare: A telehealth software platform partnering with leading hospitals, healthcare organizations, and insurers to improve every aspect of patient care.


Country Winner: Streamloots: A marketplace to buy real-time interactions with live streamers. Their technology allows those interactions to take place in real time and on any streaming platform.

Badi: An online room rental platform that allows anyone to publish, find, and securely book rooms.

Busup Technologies: A mobility service provider that specializes in efficient and flexible corporate commuting services.

Gana Energía: An alternative to the traditional Spanish electricity market, commercializing 100% renewable energy.

Lola Market: An online platform (web and App) that offers a quality service in the online purchase of food products in supermarkets, traditional markets and neighborhood stores.


Country Winner: CAIA Cosmetics: A D2C business that sell top quality makeup. CAIA has been on the market since November 2018 and are one of the fastest growing cosmetics brands in Europe.

Memmo.me: A platform for offering and distributing personalized video messages from actors, athletes, musicians, and other talent.

Doktor.se: An e-health company that helps members find, book, and get access to the best healthcare via video app meetings and phone calls.

Estrid: An all-purpose razor designed foremost for women and non-binary who believe that the hair removal process should be a pain-free affair.


Country Winner: Screening Eagle Technologies: A cloud-based technology platform for intelligent inspection of assets and infrastructure.

Bond Mobility: An eBike sharing company that delivers high-performance micromobility. Their e-bike has a max speed of up to 45 kph.

Foodetective: The unified platform & API for the restaurants/food tech industry.

ANYbotics: A manufacturer of four-legged robots intended for a variety of industrial uses enhancing safety and productivity. 

Eyeware: Develops head and eye tracking software for webcams and 3D sensors.

The UK

Tech5 Winner: Hopin: A live virtual events platform where users can learn, interact, and connect with people from around the globe.

Oddbox Delivery: A provider of fruit and veg box delivery services intended to reduce food waste.

HungryPanda: A specialist food delivery platform providing authentic Chinese food and groceries to Chinese compatriots and students abroad.

Feast It: Feast It is a curated event planning platform where customers can book caterers, photographers, marquees, florists and other suppliers for any type of event.

Farewill: A provider of an all-in-one financial and legal services platform used to deal with all paperwork after death.


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