This article was published on September 14, 2023

X Shore’s first commercial electric boat will bring students to school

The new vessel is available in two versions

X Shore’s first commercial electric boat will bring students to school

X Shore, Sweden’s award-winning electric boat manufacturer, is launching its third model — and the first one dedicated to maritime professionals.

Dubbed X Shore Pro, the electric vessel has been designed for companies and organisations with operations ranging from shuttle services and diving to commercial traffic and coast guards. Notably, one of the first boats sold will transport students to school in the Swedish archipelago.

The X Shore Pro represents the company’s “natural evolution,” following its leisure vessels, the flagship Eelex 8000 and the X Shore 1, launched in 2020 and 2022, respectively.

For someone already familiar with the startup’s previous models, it comes as no surprise that the new boat once again combines a distinctive mix of elegance, modularity, minimalism, and smart tech.

X Shore Pro electric boat
The Cabin version of the X Shore Pro. Credit: X Shore

Specifically, the X Shore Pro is built on the same 8-metre platform as the Eelex 8000. It also uses the same drivetrain and 170kW electric motor. However, its exterior slightly differs and comes in an Open or Cabin version, featuring configurations to suit individual use cases, such as transferring cargo or passengers (up to 10 on board).

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According to the startup, the vessel’s range varies depending on conditions at sea, speed, load, and use case, but the overall aim is between 24 and 48 hours of operation on a single charge. It has yet to disclose the top speed or the price.

X Shore Pro electric boat
The X Shore Pro can fit up to 10 passengers. Credit: X Shore

Like the previous models, the X Shore Pro features smart boating capabilities, including overboard detection, navigation, and range estimation. It also comes with additional, professional-oriented functionalities, such as autopilot and radar.

The startup’s decision to enter the pro segment stems from two main reasons, starting with market demand. “We’ve seen that around 20% of our [leisure] boats have already gone into B2B use,” Jenny Keisu, X Shore’s CEO, told TNW.

The second reason why is tied to the company’s aim to drive zero-emission boating forward.

“If you look at it from a wider perspective, it’s not really realistic to think that private individuals will be single-handedly responsible for the transition into sustainable boating, and hence we want to offer tangible, tentative alternatives for businesses, governments, organisations, and municipalities,” Keisu added.

The timing of the launch also aligns with existing and upcoming restrictions on traditional ICE (internal combustion engine) vessels. Amsterdam, for example, is banning diesel-powered boats on the city’s canals in 2025. Starting in 2026, zero-emission shipping also becomes obligatory in Norway’s World Heritage-recognised fjords.

X Shore pro electric boat
Credit: X Shore

X Shore was founded in 2016 by one of Sweden’s best-known entrepreneurs, Konrad Bergström, but has been reinvented since 2019, when Jenny Keisu took over as CEO. It’s based in Stockholm and sells its electric boats in Europe and North America.

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