This article was published on June 26, 2020

UK gov advisors want petrol and diesel ban brought forward to 2032

They're asking for 2032 not 2035

UK gov advisors want petrol and diesel ban brought forward to 2032

In an attempt to get drivers out of petrol and diesel vehicles and into EVs, the UK government has long said that it will simply ban the sale of combustion engined cars — but it seems it can’t happen soon enough for some.

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) — an independent government advise body — is asking the British government bring the petrol/diesel car ban forward another three years, Autoexpress reports. The CCC also wants the sale of new internal combustion engine motorcycles to be banned as well.

When the government first announced its internal combustion ban, it said it would come into force in 2040. However, earlier this year it brought the ban forward by five years, to 2035.

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Scientists advised that if the government didn’t bring the ban forward to 2035 the country wouldn’t meet its 2050 climate and decarbonization targets.

Whether the ban will actually be brought forward again remains to be seen. But doing so, and including motorcycles, will in theory further help the country meet its climate goals.

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