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This article was published on January 10, 2019

This crowdfunded Pong table might be the coolest thing at CES

This crowdfunded Pong table might be the coolest thing at CES

There’s lots to love at CES each year, but there’s always that one product that’s just to cool to ignore. This year, it’s a $3,000 table that plays Pong. No, really.

While it may seem an underwhelming addition to a trade show known to showcase the latest and greatest, this digital representation of the 1972 classic, Pong, has been a hit with anyone who’s taken the time to try it out.

It originally started as a Kickstarter idea, in 2017. The crowdfunding campaign netted the company a cool $335,000 to produce a retro-futuristic table that combined classic gaming with a modern appeal. Later, the creators reached a deal with UNIS, a major player in the arcade gaming space, to manufacture the table at scale.

In its initial appearance at CES in 2018, it received rave reviews. This year’s version — a colorful and fully customizable coin-op version designed for arcades — it’s still getting high praise. The classic square puck remains, as do the two paddles and a square “ball” that bounces between two players — or one player, and one of three ever-more-difficult AI players.

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The basic coffee table version will set you back $2,9999, while the prices are TBD on the larger, coin-op style.

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