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This article was published on July 16, 2020

There’s yet another proposal for an EV charger emoji

There's been a handful of attempts so far, will this one stick?

There’s yet another proposal for an EV charger emoji

Ahead of world emoji day tomorrow, American electric vehicle charging provider, Electrify America, is having another stab at getting the Unicode Consortium to approve an EV charger emoji.

At present, the only emoji that has anything to do with powering or fueling a vehicle is the gas pump emoji: ⛽️. But times are changing, carmakers are transitioning to battery electric drivetrains and the automotive world is attempting to clean up its act.

The gas pump emoji’s days are numbered it would seem. With that, Electrify America is proposing an EV charging emoji to take its place. Take a look at it below:

emoji, ev, charger, gas, pump
Credit: Electrify America
Electrify America wants an EV charging emoji to be a thing. It’s not the only one campaigning and this is its second proposal, so far, no luck.

“Pushing for an emoji that reflects the experiences of EV drivers is part of Electrify America’s goal to increase EV awareness and adoption, and support the transition to a cleaner energy future – a shift that will have impact on Americans and people around the world,” said Rich Steinberg, director of marketing and communications at Electrify America.

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Last year, Electrify America first tried to get its EV emoji idea off the ground, but was unsuccessful. Apparently the folks over at the Unicode Consortium, the gatekeepers of the emoji world, didn’t like their proposed idea. Here it is:

emoji, ev, charging
Credit: Electrify America
Last year’s emoji proposal. Yeah, I don’t like it either.

The first attempt is too busy for an emoji if you ask me. With two connectors the charger is overly complicated, and there’s no need to have a car as part of it. Thankfully Electrify America seems to have taken the Unicode Consortium’s feedback on board and isn’t letting last year’s outcome hold them back.

“The new ‘EV Charger’ emoji design takes feedback from the committee into account, streamlining the emoji to focus on solely the charger,” the company said in a statement.

The charging company even set up a petition that you can sign if you want to support the cause.

Electrify America isn’t alone in its quest to get EV emoji approved and into the wild.

Earlier this year, a Polish electric vehicle advocate group submitted a similar proposal. Like Electrify America’s, their emoji focuses just on the charger and is quite a simple approach that clearly displays what it intends to.

ev, charging, emoji
Credit: PSPA
The PSPA’s proposed EV charging point emoji. It’s tall, slim, and green, with an electric bolt inside it… obviously. I kinda like it.

The Unicode Consortium continually reviews and adds new emoji when it sees fit. While it’s understandable that pro-EV groups want emoji to support their activities, whether the rest of the digital world needs it right now is another question.

With the electric vehicles growing in popularity, it certainly seems like we should get an EV charging emoji someday — perhaps when most of the cars on the roads are electric. But I doubt the Unicode Consortium will ever get rid of the gas pump emoji, I mean, we still have the floppy disk one for crying out loud.

HT – InsideEVs

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