This article was published on May 8, 2024

Swiss startup unveils post-quantum cryptography library for devs

You can now download quantum-resistant algorithms on GitHub

Swiss startup unveils post-quantum cryptography library for devs

Terra Quantum has today revealed its TQ42 Cryptography library — an open-source suite of quantum-resistant algorithms designed to help developers and businesses protect data from current and future cybersecurity threats.

The new cryptography library provides developers with post-quantum algorithms and security and key management functions. They can be used across a range of applications, including mobile, web, IoT, and cloud.

The library is now available through the GitHub repository. According to the startup, it offers a user-friendly API, scalable architecture, and essential security features like key generation and file deletion capabilities.

Specifically, the algorithms found in the repository focus on securing stored data, or data at rest. This complements Terra Quantum’s patented Quantum Key Distribution protocols. These offer security for data in motion. (Last year, they set a world record for securing long-distance communication with quantum encryption.) 

Why the need for quantum-resistant algorithms? 

The error-corrected quantum computers of tomorrow (in theory featuring thousands of logical qubits) will in all likelihood be able to break most current forms of encryption, such as RSA and ECC. This is due to the principles of superposition and entanglement of qubits. These allow quantum computers to perform calculations much faster than classical computers.

As such, we will need specific algorithms to safeguard data in the post-quantum era. These are constructed around mathematical problems considered difficult to solve for classical and quantum computers alike. 

“As organisations begin to plan for the post-quantum future, adopting appropriate cryptography solutions is crucial for maintaining the security of valuable information,” Dr. Florian Neukart, Chief Product Officer of Terra Quantum, said in a statement. He added that the new library would provide an “accessible entry point” for integrating quantum-resistant security measures into applications.

The rise of QaaS — Quantum as a Service

Founded in 2019 by quantum physicist Markus Pflitsch, Terra Quantum offers “Quantum as a Service.” In its quantum security division, the company provides solutions for secure quantum and post-quantum communications. 

As previously mentioned, this refers to the use of advanced cryptographic techniques to protect data against potential threats posed by quantum computers. There is currently no hardware available that creates an actual immediate need for these technologies.

However, Terra Quantum’s business model (as well as that of many other quantum software companies) is based on getting businesses and developers “quantum ready” for when the fault-tolerant machines of tomorrow come online.

The company, based in St Gallen, Switzerland, also offers algorithms for hybrid-quantum optimisation and hybrid-quantum neural networks, as well as access to high-performance simulated quantum processing units (QPUs). 

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