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This article was published on February 26, 2020

Share what you’ve learned running a startup on Growth Quarters

Got advice? Share it with our readers

Share what you’ve learned running a startup on Growth Quarters

Update: Unfortunately, TNW does no longer accept contributed articles due to a change in our editorial strategy.

If you’ve ever founded a startup, used your expertise to grow a company, or even just been part of a workplace, then you’ve got thousands of stories to tell and plenty of advice to share. And we’d love to have them on our site — only the good ones though!

So what are we looking for? Well, Growth Quarters is a media brand by TNW that strives to go beyond generic ‘fortune cookie advice’ and provide real actionable guidance to help our readers grow professionally. So if you’ve got hands-on experience and expertise that could benefit people seeking to improve their work and businesses, by all means share it with us

The content

To increase the likelihood of getting your article published, make sure it clearly benefits our readers. Best way to do that is to follow these three simple guidelines:

  • Narrow your focus — The more focused an article is, the better (good to aim for 600-1,000 words). Don’t spend all your time laying the foundation, just get straight to your point. It can help to make an argument/statement in the beginning (even using it as a title) and then use the remainder of the article to back it up and convince the reader. 
  • Use your own experience — General advice is boring. Tie lessons and advice together with your own anecdotes and exact experiences, showing how your expertise gives you a unique perspective. Also think about what kind of article you would want to read.
  • Personal tone is the best — Make your text approachable by writing in the first person and don’t be afraid of letting your personality shine through (phrases like “I feel”/”in my experience” are fine). Also be clear about who this article is for and address them directly.

Got it? Then submit your article via our submission form! You can also read all the boring legal mumbo-jumbo on contribution terms here.

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