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This article was published on August 2, 2021

Save an extra 15% off all these cool AirTag, AirPod, and Apple Watch accessories

Save an extra 15% off all these cool AirTag, AirPod, and Apple Watch accessories

Save an extra 15% off all these cool AirTag, AirPod, and Apple Watch accessories. 

TLDR: These 10 deals on Apple AirPod, Apple Watch, and AirTag accessories can trick out your stealthy gear, all with an extra 15 percent off.

At any given moment, there’s likely at least one Apple product on your wishlist. Or at least, an accessory for your favorite piece of Apple tech. While Apple items like the AirPods, Apple Watch and even the AirTag aren’t necessarily inexpensive, there are always a handful of cool wants that can take those Apple items to new heights without crushing your bank account.

Right now, check out these deals on 10 neat add-ons to your AirPods, Apple Watch or Air Tag, each at discounts of up to 66 percent off. And as part of the TNW Deals’ Semi-Annual Sale, you can even score an extra 15 percent off your price by using the code ANNUAL15 when you check out.

3-in-1 Apple Watch, AirPods and iPhone Charger

This 3-in-1 performer can wirelessly charge your Apple Watch and your AirPods while it also feeds power to your iOS smartphone. It’s even got over-current, over-heat, and short-circuit protection, giving your devices convenience and safe charging individuality.

Get the 3-in-1 Apple Watch, AirPods and iPhone Charger for $12.74 after code ANNUAL15 (Reg. $34)

Aduro AirPods 8-Piece Accessory Bundle 

Designed for AirPods 1 and 2, this set helps you protect your pricey AirPods with a silicone case, a travel pouch and a magnetic neck strap among its bag of tricks. Engineered from durable and impact-absorbent elastomers, these ear hooks, wing covers, carabiner attachment and more, this assortment makes sure your AirPods always stay safe and protected.

Get the Aduro AirPods 8-Piece Accessory Bundle for $8.49 after code ANNUAL15 (Reg. $29)

Apple Watch Wireless Charger Keychain

Need some power for your Apple Watch? It’s magnets to the rescue. This smart keychain replaces the typical charging cable and uses the microcomputer electronic system to wirelessly charge the touch-sensitive Apple Watch through its built-in 950mAh lithium-ion battery. Slip it in your pocket or drop it in your bag and you’re always ready when that Apple Watch starts winding down.

Get the Apple Watch Wireless Charger Keychain for $16.99 after code ANNUAL15 (Reg. $49)

Aura Smart Strap for Apple Watch

Here’s one way to make the Apple Watch as fashion-forward as possible. Synced with the watch, the Aura band measures body fat, muscle mass, minerals and body water so you’ll always know exactly how your body is reacting to a workout. And if your body doesn’t let you know when it’s time to hydrate, the Aura can help alert you to that as well.

Get the Aura Smart Strap for Apple Watch for $101.14 after code ANNUAL15 (Reg. $119)

Air Fob: AirPods Tracker

This premium quality silicon rubber cover slides over your AirPods case like a second skin. But once the case is synced to its app, you’ll be able to spot your AirPods anywhere you put them, even if you left them someplace. Just try to leave an area without your buds, you’ll get a text alert to your phone or smart watch. 

Get the Air Fob: AirPods Tracker for $30.59 after code ANNUAL15 (Reg. $45)

Chargeworx 10,000mAh Power Bank with AirPods Holder

With this power bank’s 10,000mAh charging capacity, you can not only get up to 75 extra hours of use out of your devices, but there’s also a charging indicator so you can keep track of the power you still have in store. This charger is also ultra-slim, for easy transport everywhere. And there’s even a dedicated charging slot made just for your AirPods.

Get the Chargeworx 10,000mAh Power Bank with AirPods Holder for $35.69 after code ANNUAL15 (Reg. $49)

AirPods Max Storage Bag

Don’t leave our AirPods Max unprotected with this 4-layer, durable leather storage case to safeguard your headphones from on-the-go scratches and scrapes. In addition to being soft and slim, it also allows your AirPods Max to slip into its ultra-low power mode, which helps preserve your precious battery charge.

Get the AirPods Max Storage Bag for $25.46 after code ANNUAL15 (Reg. $79)

CarryOn Hard Case for AirPods Max

Or you can get your AirPods Max their very own ultra-protective hard case. Your headphones stay snuggly secure, while the soft microfiber inside makes sure they don’t take any damage. There’s even a convenient cable caddy inside to hold on to your charging connection and other vital accessories.

Get the CarryOn Hard Case for AirPods Max for $25.49 after code ANNUAL15 (Reg. $39)

Apple AirTag Protector Case

Here are a pair of ways to make sure your tracker-happy Apple AirTag never suffers a fatal accident. Either slide it inside this keychain made of high-end silicone material to protect it from water, dust, and scratches. Or encase it in strong TPU and PC material, lightweight yet still easy to attach to items like car keys, a backpack, or liner bags for a tablet or computer to make sure you never lose track of anything important.

Get the Apple AirTag Keychain Holder or the Apple AirTag Protector Case for $12.71 after code ANNUAL15 (Reg. $29)

Prices are subject to change

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