This article was published on June 18, 2021

Rivian’s R1T Adventure Package sets the standard for electric off road luxury

Its cabin is simply gorgeous

Rivian’s R1T Adventure Package sets the standard for electric off road luxury

The forecoming Rivian R1T is admittedly a beautiful beast, and now we can get a closer look at the interior of its Adventure Package, coming up in January 2022.

Yesterday, Rivian shared details on the electric truck’s cabin, and boy, does it look  gorgeous. Taking into consideration how drivers use the space inside their vehicles, the company created a design that aims for practicality, comfort, and elegance.

Big storage capacity

The R1T features an open 14×11-inch space under the center display, a 33-inch storage bin under the back seats, smaller storage pullouts under the driver and passenger seats, and four retractable cup holders among others.

The Rivian R1T has loads of storage space
Credit: Rivian
R1T’s side door storage space
The Rivian R1T has loads of storage space
Credit: Rivian
R1T’s retractable cup holders

Durable and easy to clean materials

When you opt for an off-road truck, you expect it to get dirty. For that reason, Rivian has equipped its vehicle with stain– and smudge-resistant surfaces, using natural-grained ash wood and a microfiber headliner. Similarly, the R1T has quick-drying and lightweight Chilewich floormats that can easily be removed, hosed off, and replaced within minutes.

R1T's seats can be easily cleaned
Credit: RIvian
R1T’s vegan leather seats are made from 100% recyclable materials

Personalized comfort

The front seats can be heated or cooled and offer eight-way adjustability (fore-aft, lift, tilt, and recline) and a respective four-way power lumbar support. When the driver unlocks the R1T with the Rivian app, not only the seat, but the steering wheel and mirrors as well adjust to their preferred position. 

What’s more, both drivers and passengers can choose their preferred temperature and fan speeds.

The seat automatically adjusts to the driver
Credit: RIvian
The front seats offer eight different adjustments

Center display control

The center display is the main interface for viewing and controlling R1T functions, providing easy access to dedicated in-vehicle apps like Navigation, Media, Drive Mode, Vehicle Controls, Weather, and Camera.

Through the 16-inch screen you can also get info on the vehicle’s charge state, as well as Wi-Fi and cell phone signal strength. It’s also worth pointing out here that every Rivian has its own onboard 4G connection, and can thus create a Wi-Fi hotspot.

The center display controls the most important functiosn
Credit: Rivian
The center control display of the vehicle
There are two 12V outlets inside the vehicle
Credit: Rivian
The cabin has 6 USB Type-C ports

And if that’s not enough, there’s two extra perks.

Firstly, the truck’s Elevation by Meridian 1,100W audio system that, through the 18 speakers spread around the cabin, offers a three-dimensional audio experience.

Finally, the laminated glass roof top, which spans both rows and allows for a clear view of the surroundings.

Apart from its stunning interior, the R1T Adventure Package claims a 483km range, and its price will start at $73,000.

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