This article was published on July 4, 2023

Cycles Peugeot unveils new e-bike range amid growing demand for green transport

One in every four bikes sold in Europe last year was electric

Cycles Peugeot unveils new e-bike range amid growing demand for green transport

Cycles Peugeot has unveiled a new range of “digital” e-bikes designed to meet the increasing demand for cleaner, greener, healthier (and sometimes quicker) modes of urban mobility.

In 2022, the European market for electrically-assisted bicycles reached a record 5.5 million units sold, representing an annual growth of 8.6%. One in every four bikes sold in Europe last year was electric. 

Cycles Peugeot, which branched out from the popular French car brand over 100 years ago, will launch “several new innovative models” in late 2023 and early 2024 to cater to this growing market.  

Of the new range, details and renders of three have been disclosed: a city commuter e-bike, a long-tail cargo e-bike, and a front-loader cargo e-bike.  

Cycling Peugeot’s new city commuter e-bike. Credit: Stellantis

The commuter looks very futuristic but is, for all intents and purposes, a normal e-bike — albeit with a belt instead of a chain, for added robustness. The other two are more heavy-duty. 

The long-tail cargo e-bike still looks and handles much like a regular bike but is especially helpful for commuters looking for extra carrying capacity. 

Cycling Peugeot’s new long-tail cargo e-bike. Credit: Stellantis

The front-loader on the other hand has a big box slung out in front which can swallow a tonne of stuff. While it might look a bit ungainly, due to the low centre of gravity of the cargo hold, these front-loaders are surprisingly nimble. In fact, they are increasingly popular throughout Europe as “car replacement” bikes.  

According to Amsterdam-based automotive giant Stellantis, which owns the Peugeot brand, both cargo bikes can comfortably carry your weekly shopping or haul two or three kids to and from daycare. 

Cycling Peugeot’s new front-loader cargo e-bike. Credit: Stellantis


All of Peugeot’s new e-bikes feature smartphone integration. Via a proprietary app, users can configure a myriad of settings, as well as view the bike’s real-time location, access navigation, toggle weather forecast data, and view ride stats.

The e-bike trio will be designed and manufactured by connected e-bike and app startup Beweelsociety but bear the Cycles Peugeot brand. 

The French startup has developed connected e-bikes as well as an app that provides financing, insurance, maintenance, and anti-theft services for cyclists. This year it was one of ten startups to receive funding under Stellantis’ €300m mobility innovation fund.   

Cycles Peugeot hasn’t announced prices for the new e-bikes yet, but the company is showing off the new designs this week at the PRO-DAYS show in Paris.

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