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This article was published on April 27, 2022

New leaked images give us a glimpse of the Pixel Watch design

It's round

New leaked images give us a glimpse of the Pixel Watch design Image by: Reddit

We’ve really waited for a long time for Google to put out a really good competitor to the Apple Watch. And we might see that happen in just a few months from now, if not a few weeks.

A recently registered trademark has hinted toward the “Pixel Watch” name — and I really like that.

This week, we’ve had a chance to look at more than just renders or trademarks. An Android Central report gave us a glimpse of what the Pixel Watch might look like with real-life photos.

The images came through a person who found the watch left behind at a bar in the US. The first set of pictures showed us a round — and chic-looking — watch design. It also had Apple Watch-like sports bands.

Leaked photo of the upcoming Google Pixel Watch. Credit: Android Central
Leaked photo of the upcoming Google Pixel Watch. Credit: Android Central

In a Reddit thread, the leaker said they had got access to the watch through a friend, who worked at a bar and found the test device.

They also mentioned a few details about the watch: the band is made out of soft silicone material, and doesn’t catch fingerprints or oil marks easily. Plus, It’s 20mm wide (as compared to 22mm on the Apple Watch). It also has a crown on the side that supposedly lets you navigate through the interface.

As per the leaker, it’s also designed to be comfortable on the wrist:

Most importantly, this is the most comfortable watch I’ve ever worn. It feels much thinner than the measurements would lead you to believe. Compared to my Galaxy Watch this feels like it’s not even there. And, big plus, the crown does NOT poke into the back of my hand when bending my wrist back or typing, which is something that drives me nuts on other watches.

Given that the person wasn’t able to boot up the device, we can’t really say much about its software features.

But a bunch of renders posted on 91Mobiles by Evan Blass earlier this month suggested there might be some Fitbit integration for fitness tracking functionality. The wearable will likely run on Google-Samsung’s joint Wear OS version that’ll hopefully have some handy features to rival Apple’s WatchOS.

A side by side with a 40mm Apple Watch and 46mm Galaxy Watch
A side-by-side comparison of the Pixel Watch with a 40mm Apple Watch and 46mm Galaxy Watch. Credit: Reddit

There have been reports about the Big G using both Qualcomm and Samsung chips for the watch. So we can’t really say for sure what processor it might use.

We still don’t know a lot about the Pixel Watch: the number of versions Google might release, battery life, exclusive features, expected pricing, and release date. We’ll keep updating this post if there are more leaks about the device.

We’re also anxiously awaiting Google IO, the company’s developer conference scheduled for May, in the hopes that we’ll get a better look at the device — if not a full-blown release.

Last year, I wrote a playbook for Google on what kind of features I’d like to see on the watch. I am personally excited to see how many of those the company implements in the final version. I’d really like to see ECG, noise detection levels, and wider global availability for the Pixel Watch. It’s high time for Google to up its watch game.

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