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This article was published on October 18, 2019

Honor’s latest fitness wearable wants to prevent sports injuries

A fitness wearable for serious gym bunnies

Honor’s latest fitness wearable wants to prevent sports injuries

Fitness wearables aren’t that exciting to cover. It’s a crowded niche, with few factors of differentiation between the dozens of competing devices. Fortunately, the Honor Band 5 Sport edition is an exception, and has a focus that stretches far beyond step counting.

By and large, fitness wearables are focused on those with an interest in exercise. If you’ll forgive the pun, the Honor Band 5 Sport takes that a step further. It emphasizes the quality of exercise, while including metrics that help users avoid sports injuries.

While the Honor Band 5 Sport comes with a wristband (which, incidentally, is made entirely of recycled drinks bottles), users can also clip it to their footwear.

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Among other things, this helps the user track and monitor their running posture, as well as measure the impact of landings. The goal is ultimately to inform the user about when they need to slow down, take a break, or adjust the way they exercise.

And while the Honor Band 5 Sport tries to help the user avoid injuries, it also focuses on helping in competitive performance. In addition to the usual fitness wearable fare of running, walking, and swimming, many of its datapoints focus on a handful of popular adversarial sports, like basketball and badminton.

This wearable shares a name with another that was released just a few months ago. That said, the two products are utterly dissimilar. The Sport version, for example, has a smaller black-and-white screen, and will be priced “more competitively” than its predecessor – although Honor is yet to announce any specific numbers.

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