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This article was published on November 12, 2021

Help, I can’t get over Hyundai’s retro-chic Grandeur concept EV

Prepare to fall in love with its pixelated LED lights

Help, I can’t get over Hyundai’s retro-chic Grandeur concept EV

Is there a better way to celebrate a classic car’s anniversary than with a spectacular reinvented version of the original?

No, folks, there isn’t. And that’s exactly what Hyundai has done.

Remember the 1986 Grandeur, the company’s original flagship?

Hyundai Grandeur 1986
That’s exactly the car shape I have in mind when I think of the 1980s.

On Tuesday, it was the car’s 35th anniversary. To honor it, Hyundai unveiled an electrified concept based on the classic vehicle.

Hyundai Grandeur concept
OH BOY. Credit: Hyundai

Exterior-wise, the Grandeur concept is still boxy as hell, although the lines have been smoothed out with a more elegant touch.

Hyundai Grandeur concept
Credit: Hyndai

Its old-school vibe is nevertheless reinvented for the present with a number of contemporary features, including pixelated LED headlights and taillights (like the ones you will find on the Ioniq 5), a chrome mesh grille and trim, and flat wheel covers.

Not to mention that the original combustion engine has been replaced with an electric powertrain.

Hyundai Grandeur concept
These taillights are simply gorgeous and I love the “all-square” style. Credit: Hyundai

But where the Grandeur concept is really reborn is the interior, where past and present converge in the coolest ways.

The seat upholstery is red velvet, encapsulating the luxury of the 1980s, and lacks the outdated diamond-stitched pillowy patterns of the original. The backseats are dressed in red leather for an extra bit of retro plush. 

Hyundai Grandeur Concept
Credit: Hyundai

Naturally, you can also forget about the conventional analog instrument panel. The Grandeur concept now has an integrated digital display and a brand-new widescreen infotainment system. 

Hyundai Grandeur concept
Credit: Hyundai

Plus, there’s a vertical screen in the center console to control the built-in 18-speaker soundbar on the dashboard. This screen also turns into a virtual piano, developed by the South Korean musical instrument manufacturer Samick. 

Hyundai Grandeur concept
Credit: Hyundai

But the electric Grandeur’s most beautiful feature is the interior lighting.

Two light rays, radiating from both sides of the dashboard, highlight the B-pillars and illuminate the entire interior. Add to that the “infinity mirrors” on the roof of the rear, whose pixelated LED bronze lights echo the vintage essence of an 80s club and circulate the car’s “all-square” theme. 

Hyundai Grandeur concept
Credit: Hyundai

Other special touches include a mechanical gear shift lever and a handy storage compartment in the armrest.

Hyundai Grandeur concept
If you’d go for such a car, the least you’d expect is a storage compartment for your expensive watch. Credit: Hyundai

The Grandeur is the second concept EV in Hyundai’s Heritage Series, preceded by the equally iconic Pony.

While it’s unlikely that any of the vehicles will ever reach production, I’d certainly like to see the automaker’s creativity continue as there’s no shortage of possibilities from its lineup.

What about the about the Scoupe, dear Hyundai?

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