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This article was published on November 19, 2020

Google Chrome for M1 Macs is out — here’s how to get it

Google Chrome for M1 Macs is out — here’s how to get it

Google Chrome is finally available for Apple’s new Macs with its M1 chip after a few roadblocks. The company had to pause the rollout yesterday after many users complained about app crashes.

The Big G originally released the popular browser tuned for Apple’s new chips yesterday. But folks who downloaded it, weren’t able to use it because it crashed constantly. Later, Chrome engineer Mark Chang said that they’ve paused the rollout for now, and issued a workaround for users who have already downloaded it.

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Last night, Chang said that issues are now resolved and you can download a stable version of the browser built for M1 chips.

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If you want to download the browser, head to this link from your desktop, and click on the Download Chrome button. You’ll see a dialog box pop up to choose a version suited for your Mac.

Google Chrome built for the Apple M1 chip
Google Chrome built for the Apple M1 chip

This new version will supposedly churn out a better performance than the one emulated through Apple’s Rosetta 2 layer. TechCrunch’s Matthew Panzarino was able to open 400 Chrome (Intel-version) tabs on his M1-powered MacBook Pro.

Google Chrome has been one of the most resources intensive apps on any platform. I’m curious to see how reviewers test this new Chrome version to drive the new MacBook to their limits. Bring on whacky videos.

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