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This article was published on August 20, 2020

Google admits its Android Auto assistant is a little, umm, slow

Users are experiencing lag, bugs, and an overall slow down in performance

Google admits its Android Auto assistant is a little, umm, slow

Following an update earlier this month, all hasn’t been well for Android Auto users, the app that lets you use your phone as your in-car entertainment and navigation system.

According to a Reddit thread started last week, a number of users on the in-car app have experienced lagging and a noticeable slow down in how quickly the Google Assistant responds to voice commands. In some cases, the Assistant doesn’t execute the command at all, Autoevolution reports.

Users have reported the problem across a range of phones, cars, and aftermarket head units. Many say that it only became an issue after a recent update to the system’s interface.

Along with three to four second lags, the Google Assistant is also reportedly cutting users’ commands off before they have chance to finish them. The bug is effectively rendering the feature useless, as it can no longer control any Android Auto apps, send text messages, or read updates over voice.

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According to Autoevolution, Google is aware of the apparent bug and is working on a patch. Although, it hasn’t hinted to any temporary fixes or what users can do to make the app more usable.

That said, some users have reported that rolling the update back, to the old interface, enables the system to work without any annoying or intrusive lag.

Android Auto is due to get another update in the next few weeks, but there’s no sign if the bug will be fixed by then.

Let’s just hope issues like this don’t become a regular occurrence. Android Automotive, the fully-fledged built-in version of the system that is set to be offered in a host of new cars. If that version is also subject to these kinds of bugs, it will negatively affect user experience and carmakers will be at the mercy of Google to fix it.

HT – Autoevolution

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