This article was published on September 14, 2015

Etsy is getting into the manufacturing business

Etsy is getting into the manufacturing business

Etsy has revealed that this fall, it’s introducing a new service to link sellers to manufacturers in the US and Canada.

Etsy Manufacturing is set to help small sellers expand their businesses, many of which are built on handmade, artisanal products.

However, it could actually be seen as a sign that the company is moving away from its niche roots since its IPO in April, which valued Etsy at $3.5 billion. Although, the service is going to be mutually beneficial for smaller manufacturers, so in that sense Etsy is staying true to itself.

Sellers can sign up for access to a beta program of Etsy Manufacturing from today. Eventually, the service will act as a directory of manufacturers.

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Manufacturers can apply to be featured on the platform as well and Etsy will be reviewing applicants, but will not be visiting or vetting them. As an Etsy seller, I think that oversight is a let down but possibly won’t matter as much if sellers can leave verified reviews for manufacturers as time goes on.

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