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This article was published on October 26, 2015

Etsy ASAP brings same-day delivery of hand-made treasures to NYC

Etsy ASAP brings same-day delivery of hand-made treasures to NYC

Handmade and vintage goods marketplaces are a great way to taste the local flair; Etsy has always encouraged this through its Etsy Local programBut now it’s announced an extra incentive for NYC buyers to purchase nearby: Etsy ASAP.

According to a blog post written by Calia Talmor, lead dev on the project, the pilot program is a partnership with Postmates that will offer same-day delivery from participating NYC sellers for a flat fee of $20. Buyers can filter products by Etsy ASAP delivery by selecting it under ‘Delivery Options’ on desktop, or through search on mobile.

Once a shopper selects Etsy ASAP at checkout they can choose from three hour delivery windows, based on the seller’s availability (orders placed after 7PM are eligible for next-day). Powered by the Postmates API, sellers have total control and flexibility, and can set their pick-up availability and change it at any time.

The program covers all of Manhattan, as well as select areas in Brooklyn and Queens, for its pilot time throughout the holiday season. Talmor says that the buyer and seller feedback of the program will determine the growth plan of the project.

The idea seems viable up until the $20 delivery fee. While it is a flat rate that eschews the classic Postmates surge-pricing for high traffic times, that rate is still steep when many of the products it offers could be delivered free with even minimal forethought. Whether someone is in such a deep jam to provide a hand-made scarf or giclée art print for a loved one that they’re willing to fork over a (likely hefty) percentage of the item’s cost as a premium to get it in a three-hour window of their choosing remains to be seen.

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But if you’re really hard up for finding a unique gift in the city this season, Etsy has you covered.

Etsy Launches Local Delivery Pilot in New York City: Etsy ASAP [Etsy]


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