This article was published on April 8, 2020

Entrepreneurs get immediate PayPal and Stripe payment notifications with CashNotify

Entrepreneurs get immediate PayPal and Stripe payment notifications with CashNotify

TLDR: The CashNotify Pro app puts all your Stripe and PayPal account information into one place, allowing you to see transaction notifications as soon as they hit your account.

Digital entrepreneurs are moving in a fast world. Transactions happen almost instantaneously and those fleet-footed small businesses need to know about it. From orders to payments to cleared transactions, having a firm overview of your economic health the minute anything new tips your balance sheet is vital.

Unfortunately, if you’re getting payments from multiple PayPal and Stripe customers and accounts, keeping track of it all isn’t nearly as speedy as many would like.

The CashNotify app consolidates all that information down to one place and makes sure you’re never out of the loop on any financial activity. Right now, a 12-month subscription to CashNotify’s Pro service is on sale for just $19.99, an over 50 percent savings off the regular price from TNW Deals.

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CashNotify is a simple notification hub to keep a close eye on all your transactions in one location. The app installs right on to your menu bar and remains running in the background at all times, so it’s always just one click away.

CashNotify consolidates all your successful and failed charges right there in their notification center and sends alerts whenever a new transaction comes through. If a payment fails, CashNotify lets you know so you can get on it immediately, rather than waiting until the next time you checked your Stripe or PayPal accounts.

With your API keys, you can start tracking action from any compatible ecommerce-shopping cart services like Shopify, Squarespace, Weebly, WooCommerce and more. As long as you get your money through Stripe or PayPal, it’ll work with CashNotify.

Since everyone is acutely security conscious these days, you can rest safe in the knowledge that CashNotify never has access to any of your financial data. Everything happens between your device and the Stripe or PayPal servers with no intermediate agents involved. Even your API keys are saved and encrypted on your computer, so they never get out into the world.

Monitor all your Stripe and PayPal accounts now with a year of CashNotify access, a $44 value that’s now just $19.99 while this offer lasts.

Prices are subject to change.

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