This article was published on April 12, 2021

Ducati won’t make electric motorcycles anytime soon

But it will, eventually, probably, maybe

Ducati won’t make electric motorcycles anytime soon Image by: Unsplash, MAZOUZI ABDELADIM, Edited

Despite teasing the idea a couple of years ago, it seems that Ducati is not going to make an all-electric motorcycle, any time soon at least.

In Motorcycle News (MCN), Ducati’s VP of Sales Francesco Milicia seemed to provide a bit more clarity on the Italian motorbike maker’s low-emission plans.

“Will we produce an electric Ducati soon? No. We think that for the kind of machine we produce now, an electric motorcycle cannot guarantee the pleasure, the range, the weight etc that Ducati riders expect,” he said.

Soon is the operative word here. The Italian marque hasn’t totally written off the idea of making an electric bike.

“We are thinking and working on electric,” Milicia told MCN. “We are part of a group that’s going quickly towards electrification and it’s a good opportunity for Ducati.”

It’s a bit complicated to go into the full details here, but in a roundabout sort of way, Ducati is owned by Audi, which is itself owned by VW. We don’t need to mention how hard those companies are looking at EVs.

Importantly for Ducati, though; Porsche, also owned by VW, is looking at synthetic fuels, and this seems to have caught the bike maker’s eye.

“We are also looking carefully at other solutions for zero or minimal emissions, such as synthetic fuel,” Milicia said. “It’s something we’re looking at in the medium term.”

Given the narrative that’s unfolding in the motorcar world, it’s surprising to see Ducati push back against the electric revolution.

Iconic brands are being forced to walk a tightrope right now, balancing their heritage and the characteristics that diehard customers know and love, whilst reinventing themselves with modern powertrains for a low emission future.

For a brand steeped in so much history and flamboyance, it’s understandable that Ducati is treading lightly as it makes its way to a low emission future.

It’s worth noting that the UK’s Triumph has just started talking up its new electric platform that’s in the making and is set to power a bunch of its vehicles.

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