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This article was published on February 26, 2020

Chew on this: These 7 startups are changing the way we eat

Chew on this: These 7 startups are changing the way we eat

Now for something we could all use more of in our lives: quicker and more convenient access to products and delicious (yet surprisingly healthy) foods. 

Say goodbye to your ever so creative dinners of croque monsieur (grilled cheese with ham) or consommé avec noodles (cup of instant ramen).

This category of Tech5 scaleups is going to whip us into shape by making deliveries quicker, easier, and better for our health — and even the health of our lovable pets.

Tech5 2020: On the search for Europe’s hot young scaleups 

Every year TNW and payments tech giant Adyen have been scouring the European tech scene for the fastest growing scaleups. The top five winners are then invited to join Tech5 — an exclusive network of the best companies, investors, and experts from across the continent. This year’s winners will be revealed at TNW’s Founders Day event in Amsterdam on June 17, 2020. 

This year we’re focusing on the ways technology can help create change and have a positive impact on the planet. The next batch of startup finalists we want to highlight are those innovating in the category: Food & Delivery. 

Let the eating and online shopping begin.

Wolt (Finland)

Wolt is a Finnish-born delivery startup created to deliver yummy food to your door within 30 minutes. However, they’ve taken a different approach from larger competitors like Uber Eats. Instead of focusing solely on large cities, where population density makes delivery service an easy win, Wolt has focused on the smaller cities that usually get overlooked.

Using machine learning tech, the company is able to gain insights that allow it to optimize its services for smaller scale markets. Wolt is now available in cities from the Nordics to the Balkans and has also opened up locations in Israel and Central Asia.

Milkman (Italy) and Stuart (France)

Have you ever spent the ENTIRE day waiting for a package between the convenient hours of 8:00 and 15:00 only to find that it doesn’t arrive until 17:00 (aka when you’ve given up and gone to the supermarket)? Then the founders of Milkman and Stuart will be your new favorite people. 

Italian startup, Milkman, and French startup, Stuart, are last mile delivery services on a mission to modernize and streamline delivery logistics for restaurants, groceries, retail, e-commerce stores, and, especially, consumers. 

What does that mean? To put it in basic terms, both will cut out the long waits, last minute cancellations, and inconvenient delivery times by introducing things like down to the hour delivery scheduling, real-time tracking, and notifications. Online shoppers everywhere are sighing in relief.

Crisp (The Netherlands)

There once was a time when people bought fresh vegetables from the farmers market, meat from the local butcher, and fish caught the same day in the open seas. While increasing awareness of the impact of hormones and additives in our food has once again fueled the rise of organic markets, who really has time every week to buy their groceries from multiple locations?

Dutch Tech5 finalist, Crisp, is bringing back grocery shopping nostalgia but with a modern twist. Instead, shoppers can browse their online shop of fresh products bought directly from the farmer, the baker, the fish auction, and the sausage maker. In our hectic lives, startups like Crisp are here to keep you and your family happy and healthy. 

allplants (UK)

What if you need the convenience that home deliveries can bring to your chaotic life, but also told yourself this would finally be the year you go full vegan? 

With its team of chefs, British based allplants has come up with a delicious selection of plant based meals which are delivered frozen so you can store and heat them up at your convenience. Brothers and cofounders, Alex and JP Petrides, are not only on a mission to bring healthy meals to tables everywhere, but also want to encourage more people to develop sustainable eating habits by showing them how tasty, satisfying and diverse plant-based meals can be.

FoodMarble (Ireland)

What if you’ve tried eating only organic, then switched to completely plant-based diets… and still suffer from indigestion? Now that you know how to get great food on demand, just what should you order? 

Irish Tech5 finalist, FoodMarble, is here to help you make the best decision for your tummy. The company developed a digestive health tracker that helps you identify which foods are best and worst for your gut. Just log and track your food on their app. After eating, the app will prompt you to use their breath testing tech to measure the levels of hydrogen being released by your gut. 

Tracking this information will allow you to create your own personal digestive profile which, over time, will help you discover how different foods (in combination with sleep and stress levels) affect your body. 

Barkyn (Portugal)

Last, but certainly not least, Portuguese startup Barkyn has hit on a winning business idea by considering the most important thing in our lives: our dogs. Their subscription service of tasty (well, ask your dog) meals and snacks are produced with fresh, high-quality ingredients brought directly from local farms to your dog’s bowl. With dishes like Goji, sea lobster, and salmon crisps, your dog could be eating a fancier and healthier meal than you. 

The great part is, they also personalize each meal plan to your dog’s special dietary needs. Does your Labrador get skin allergies? Does salmon get your beloved German Shepherd’s tail wagging? Does your adorable but slightly overweight pug need to go on a small diet? All these questions and more can be discussed with Barkyn’s team of vets who are there to provide additional dietary support.

This is part of the 2020 Tech5 series covering the top finalists in the categories of: Circular Economy & Sustainability, Social Platforms & Matchmaking, Mobility & Subscriptions, Food & Delivery. 

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