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This article was published on October 7, 2019

CHEAP: Gush skin, GUSH! (There’s 20% off the Powerbeats Pro wireless earbuds)

Cos exercise isn't exercise unless you're listening to music

CHEAP: Gush skin, GUSH! (There’s 20% off the Powerbeats Pro wireless earbuds)
Powerbeats Pro

Welcome to CHEAP, our series about things that are good, but most of all, cheap. CHEAP!

Some people love working up a sweat in the gym. Others, on the other hand, don’t. For some it’s an uplifting, almost meditative experience, but for different folks it’s a painful, never-ending slog.

While these two camps might disagree with each other about how much they enjoy exercise, there’s one topic they’re united on: working out with music makes it better.

Banging tunes can help you push yourself harder, or simply distract you from the discomfort. On top of that, listening to your own music can help insulate you from whatever crap they’re pumping through the gym’s sound system. Basically, workout headphones are vital.

And, would you look at that? There’s a great deal running on the new Powerbeats Pro wireless earbuds! Right now, you can get a full $50 (or 20 percent) off their list price, making the headphones a very reasonable $200. What a nice surprise.

Now, details. This video tells you nothing about the Powerbeats Pro, but is very pretty:

But this one actually has some information:

We covered the Powerbeats Pro when they were first announced — and for all intents and purposes they’ve lived up to the hype, with positive reviews across the web.

As Beats by Dre is an Apple-owned company, you get all the benefits of that company’s technology in the Powerbeats Pro. They sync easily with iPhones, and even use the same chip as the AirPods, so you get a top notch performance.

Basically, if you’re an Apple user who wants a pair of workout headphones, the Powerbeats Pro are probably going to be your best shout. The hooks will keep them in your ears, and the general consensus across the tech industry is they’re a great-sounding pair of earbuds.

You can currently pick the Powerbeats Pro up for $200 on Amazon, a 20 percent saving on their list price. If you’ve been on the hunt for a great-sounding pair of headphones to exercise with, your search is over.

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