This article was published on September 22, 2019

CHEAP: Get $200 off a shiny new Apple MacBook Air

This is the back-to-school laptop you're looking for

CHEAP: Get $200 off a shiny new Apple MacBook Air
MacBook Air

Released in July of this year, the MacBook Air is the newest laptop in Apple’s computing lineup. It’s designed to be an affordable (at least by the standards of Cupertino) entry-level introduction to the Mac world, incorporating some of the features of its more expensive brethren, like TouchID and a slim Retina display.

The MacBook Air starts at $1,099, but if you swerve the bright lights of the Apple store and head straight to Amazon, you can get bit of cash off.

Right now, the entry-level model with a 1.6GHz i5, 128GB of SSD storage, and 8GB of RAM retails at $899. That’s a saving of nearly $200 off its ordinary retail price of $1,099.

If the model with 256GB takes your eye (and we’d always encourage you to get the most storage you can afford, given that this is non-upgradable), that retails at $1,099, rather than the typical sticker price of $1,299.

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If you’re looking for a back-to-school laptop and you’re firmly wedded to the Apple ecosystem, this deal is hard to fault. You can take advantage of it in the links above.

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