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This article was published on September 2, 2019

CHEAP: 30% off a cornucopia of CBD products? For you? Damn straight, bud

Be like a health shop Cheech & Chong

CHEAP: 30% off a cornucopia of CBD products? For you? Damn straight, bud
30% off CBD products

Welcome to CHEAP, our series about things that are good, but most of all, cheap. CHEAP!

If you’ve been in a health food store recently — or just follow any wellness social media accounts — you’ll have come across CBD.

For those not in the know, CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is one of the chemical components (specifically, the cannabinoids) that are in the marijuana plant. Now, the most famous of these is THC. That’s the part that gets you high, but what CBD does is different.

Rather than giving you a psychoactive experience, CBD (supposedly) lets you get the benefits of marijuana, without getting high. And what are those effects? Well, according to CBD’s lovers, it can help with relaxation, nausea, and deliver general pain relief. Sounds good, right?

Before we go on, it’s important we point out there’s not been much medical research into the impact of CBD, so everything in this piece is from personal experience and shouldn’t be taken as gospel. Cool?

Phew, now that’s over, we have a BANGING deal for you: loads of money off CBD products from JustCBD! Wooo!

Yes, if you use the code “labor30″ at checkout, you get a full 30 percent off your CBD order. And, even better, if you spend over $100, you can use the code “labor35” and get 35% off. What a world.

CBD gummies, just one of the many ways you can ingest the chemical.

So, the next question is how you’re going to take your CBD, and — thankfully — there are a whole load of options. One of my favorites is pictured above: gummies. Whack one in your mouth and you’ll be experiencing the benefits immediately. They’re a very easy way to give CBD a try.

I’m also a fan of CBD-infused protein bars, which are great if you’re trying to get ripped and experience what CBD has to offer.

There are a whole range of products on JustCBD to help you start your journey, including honey sticks, vape pens, and dried fruit. Basically, any way you want to take CBD, JustCBD probably has you covered.

So, head over to the site now and use the code “labor30″ for orders under $100 to get 30 percent off. Gonna spend more than $100? Then use the code “labor35” for 35 percent off.

Whether you’re looking to try some CBD for the first time, or want to stock up on products, now’s a damn good time. This deal won’t last long, so make sure you pounce on it!

This post includes affiliate links to products that you can buy online. If you purchase them through our links, we get a small cut of the revenue.

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