This article was published on December 2, 2019

CHEAP: My sweet-sounding god, the Sonos Play:5 wireless speaker is 20% off

Act quick, this deal won't last long

CHEAP: My sweet-sounding god, the Sonos Play:5 wireless speaker is 20% off
Play:5 wireless speaker

Welcome to CHEAP, our series about things that are good, but most of all, cheap. CHEAP!

I love listening to music through good speakers. While headphones are an intimate and enjoyable way of listening to your favorite tracks, there’s little better than cranking the volume on some speakers and really feeling those tunes.

While it’s good to have a full amplifier and standing speaker set-up, this just isn’t convenient or suitable for a lot of people — especially if you have a fair few rooms you want music in, and you mainly listen to digital tracks.

In this instance, it’s often better to get a standalone speaker, something that can play music in good quality, but also across multiple spaces. And, if you’re looking for this sort of technology, then there’s a clear forerunner: Sonos.

The company produces some amazing standalone speakers, but what they’re really famous for is providing a seamless musical experience across its devices. In other words, you can set up several Sonos speakers across your home and they’re able to play the same track in perfect sync. It really is something.

And, on this wonderful Cyber Monday, there’s a special deal running: you can get the beefy Sonos Play:5 for only $400 — a full $100 (or 20 percent) discount.

We’ll get into some more details on the Sonos Play:5, but this short video does a great job on getting across the basics:

Basically, the Sonos Play:5 has six drivers, meaning it can blast out crystal clear sound at very high volumes. Three of these are custom-designed woofers, meaning the Sonos Play:5 has a ton of bass.

Connection-wise, you can use the Sonos with Apple AirPlay and the company’s app. Excitingly, the Sonos Play:5 also has an audio line-in option, meaning you can plug physical devices into the speaker — perfect if you want to use it with a turntable, for example.

So, if you want to change up the sound in your apartment or home, the Sonos Play:5 is an excellent start. It’s a wonderful sounding speaker that’s currently great value. Pick up the Sonos Play:5 for only $400 here, but be quick — this deal will most likely end today.

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