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This article was published on September 7, 2021

Bosch brings ebike personalization through smart hardware and OTA updates

Bosch wants to upgrade your bike for it's lifetime

Bosch brings ebike personalization through smart hardware and OTA updates

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Our cars have evolved through over-the-air software updates that add new functions and services. Now Bosch has set their sites on a similar capability to ebikes through their white label BoscheBike Systems and the eBike Flow app.

The most important feature is not what it does but what it will do. New functions and additional digital services will be offered via over-the-air updates.  This creates a relationship between the rider and the bike vendor.

On one hand, it’s a valuable opportunity for the company to gain valuable data from the app users. In turn, riders have access to an evolution of new product offerings and services.

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It’s a fundamental shift to the company-consumer relationship. An ebike is enhanced after purchase and throughout its entire service life.

According to Claus Fleischer, CEO of Bosch eBike Systems:

[With] the eBike Flow app and the smart system, we are continuously evolving the eBike experience and shaping the digital eBike mobility of the future.

Bosch brings personalization to hardware capabilities


The Bosch eBike smart system.

The eBike smart system contains several key components which connect with the app via Bluetooth:

The LED Remote is thumb operated. It uses different colors to signify the riding mode. It can display information such as the current charge status and support level.

The Kiox 300 display sits on the handlebar, displaying rider fitness data syncing with the eBike Flow app, and with Apple Health after the ride. 

The PowerTube 750 offers the maximum range in the current Bosch eBike battery portfolio. It is optimally designed for climbing and longer distances. It weighs in at 4.4 kilograms and charges to 50% in just over two hours and to 100% in about six hours using the 4A Charger.

The Performance Line CX drive unit provides a maximum 85Nm of torque for a natural riding experience. In the eBike Flow app, the strength of the support, dynamics, maximum speed, and maximum torque can be set to adapt to different riding modes and styles.

Over 100 brands have adopted Bosch’s modular product portfolio integrating it to suit their own brand design.

The eBike Flow app makes customization easy

The eBike Flow app bundles all important information on the home screen — from the connection status of the eBike to the next service appointment and the battery charge status. It also shows the total mileage of the drive and the distribution of the different riding modes.

Bosch firmware updates bring increased security

Firmware updates are an essential part of electric bike maintenance. They fix software bugs, send performance updates, and maintain security. The OTA updates remove the need to visit a bike shop or service center for the latest software.

According to Bosch, future eBikers will benefit from theft protection improvements, such as the trigger of an acoustic alarm to deter thieves and, in the event of theft, tracking the bike’s location in the eBike Flow app.

The eBike Flow app launches in autumn with Android and iOS downloads,  with initial supports in English, German, and French.

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