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This article was published on January 28, 2022

Be still my aching heart: Nissan’s releasing an electric Micra

Shut up and take my money!

Be still my aching heart: Nissan’s releasing an electric Micra

Nissan, Renault, and Mitsubishi just announced their common Alliance 2030 roadmap — we’re talking about 35 new EVs, fresh factories, and eye watering investments.

But there’s one bit of news that’s more important than the rest. And you guessed it: there’s gonna be an electric Nissan Micra.

I can barely compose myself. The 2008 Nissan Micra is the best car ever — and I can’t wait for the new one.

No, you’re crying.

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I bought mine back in 2013, when the Harlem Shake was still a thing. My uni social life was hampered by Athens’ unreliable (and stinky) public transport and I needed to move around the city free as a petroleum bird.

Nissan Micra
SO FREAKING CUTE (Credit: Auto trader)

I needed a car. 

Being a broke-ass student, I finally settled on a second-hand 2008 Micra. And although my era of endlessly going out has passed, my Micra lives on — and I love it.

First up, it has character. Real cartoon character. It looks like the sort of car a child would draw and its headlights make it look like a robotic frog. That’s the kinda shit I appreciate. 

Plus, it’s a proper city car. It’s small enough to find parking, and big enough to take me on highway trips.

In all these years, it’s been my loyal companion. It even saved me during an accident. I lost control while taking a steep turn, and the poor Micra sacrificed itself to save me. 

Don’t worry though, I got it back by paying nearly its purchase price to fix it.

There’s only one thing I’d change about my buddy: its filthy-ass petrol engine. 

And this is why I’m so hyped for the electric Micra.

Okay, we don’t know a lot about it, but why does that matter? Nissan will design it (duh) and Renault will do the engineering and manufacturing. Here’s a teaser:


Nissan Micra 2012
Nissan Micra 2012

Wonderfully, Nissan isn’t relying on the latest models’ design for its EV — which means we’re going back to the classic days of the robo-amphibian I’m so fond of. 

Nissan Micra 2020
That’s the 2020 version, and I find it UGLY (Credit: Nissan)

Now, all I’ve got left to do is hope my Micra lasts me until the electric version hits the market. You can do it, pal, I believe in you.

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