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This article was published on December 16, 2020

Among Us surprise-launches on Nintendo Switch today

Among Us surprise-launches on Nintendo Switch today Image by: Innersloth/Steam

Nintendo announced in today’s Indie World Showcase that sleeper hit multiplayer phenomenon Among Us is coming to the Switch… today.

Up to now, Among Us has been exclusive to PC and mobile, meaning this is the first time the game is available on console. It makes sense too: the game just looks right alongside Nintendo’s console staples. Since we’re getting the game today, it makes sense Switch players will also get access to the Airship, the first new map announced by developers InnerSloth during the Game Awards last week.

The game originally launched in 2018, and suddenly exploded in popularity this year thanks to the boost of Twitch streamers. Now everyone up to and including Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has played the game, and the developers have scrapped plans for a sequel in favor of developing new material for the existing game. If there was a big winner in 2020, it was undoubtedly Among Us. And this is in a year when gaming has spiked in popularity in general, but none more so than this indie darling.

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That said, one of the most important aspects of Among Us is communication, and it’s not exactly clear yet how communication on Switch is going to work. The Switch has no built-in voice chat function. One would presume that any voice chat would be handled via the mobile Switch Online app, but that’s assuming everyone who plays the game has a Switch Online subscription. Text chat could also be an option. Then again, I’d be surprised if most people didn’t go for the expedient of using their phones and Discord, a free app.

The game is available on the Nintendo Store right now for $5. It supports crossplay with PC and mobile players, which is also a plus.

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