This article was published on August 7, 2020

You seem bored — time to switch jobs

You seem bored — time to switch jobs

It can be scary to think about walking away from your job, but if you find yourself thinking the grass is always greener on the other side, it might be time to take the plunge.

Here are 9 signs that prove the time has come for you to change jobs.

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Dreading work

The ‘Sunday night dread’ is a good litmus test. Does the thought of going to work fill you with dread or anxiety on a Sunday evening? If so, it’s definitely time for a change. 

This is essentially your body’s way of telling you that it isn’t happy about Monday fast-approaching. 

Sometimes this can manifest itself physically so watch out for any unexpected headaches or migraines.

Look out for

  • Anxiety
  • Panic
  • Physical symptoms including stomach aches, headaches, migraines, etc

Feeling low

Pay attention to your feelings. Are you feeling low or starting to doubt yourself and your abilities at work? If so, you may need to make a change — especially if this goes on for a prolonged period of time. 

You should never stay in a job if it makes you that unhappy — it’s never worth it, no matter the perks or pay. 

Look out for

  • Lack of confidence 
  • Feeling like your contributions or opinions don’t matter
  • Frustration about lack of growth opportunities 

In it for the money

Of course, money is important — but remember it’s not everything. 

Earning a sizable income in a job that makes you terribly unhappy is really not worth the trade-off.

If you have a job that makes you feel useful or helps you fulfill a particular passion, you’ll feel much more content — even if it doesn’t seem like it at the moment. 

Try and think about things that make you happy and see what opportunities are available in these markets.

Look out for:

  • You spend a lot on material things to over-compensate
  • You’re increasingly jealous of people who enjoy their jobs 
  • You keep telling yourself that you’ll only stay for six more months every six months

Daydreaming about other jobs

I don’t know how else to break it to you but if you spend your days daydreaming about a different job, then you probably should just change jobs. 

Do you spend countless hours searching for jobs online, researching interesting businesses, and wondering what it might be like to work somewhere else? 

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you need to take the bull by its horns and sort yourself out — it really is up to you.

Look out for

  • Your browsing history is full of job hunting websites 
  • You spend a lot of time looking up your peers’ careers on LinkedIn
  • You wish you did something else entirely

You’re bored

Listen, work is called work for a reason — it’s not supposed to be fun all the time. 

There will be times when you have to complete menial tasks or deal with annoying colleagues or clients, but you shouldn’t hate your job all day every day and if you do, well …  you know what to do.

Look out for

  • Lack of motivation when it comes to getting out of bed in the morning 
  • You’re constantly feigning enthusiasm 
  • You feel like the hands of the clock go round slower every day 

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Feeling disconnected in your job

If you can’t even remember why you started working in this particular role or industry in the first place, it may be time for you to consider moving on. 

It could be that your role has changed over the years and while you were initially enticed by the creativity required for your position you now spend your days doing admin. 

Think about what aspects of your job you used to enjoy and take stock of what you do currently.

Look out for

  • You miss the early days of your career and doing the things that attracted you to the industry
  • You have a niggling feeling that you are wasting precious time and could be doing something far more exciting and interesting
  • You struggle to recognize yourself in this particular role

You’re jealous of friends

If you feel jealous about your friends’ or others’ jobs or careers, check yourself.

This could be a clear sign that you’d much rather be somewhere else doing something entirely different.

Think about why you feel like this and what’s currently lacking in your current role or position.

Look out for

  • You spend more time thinking about others’ jobs than your own
  • You want the same flexibility, pay, or creativity others have in their jobs
  • You can’t wait to get home from work

You’re coasting along

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a routine or a tried and tested process but if you’ve become apathetic to change, you probably need to take a hard look at your situation.

Is it because your opinions or suggestion have been dismissed in the past? Or are you reluctant to go above and beyond what’s required of you because you feel undervalued?

Whatever the reasons, it’s important to assess your current situation and look for a solution.


  • You have little or no interest in the company you work for
  • You’re coasting along, uninterested in being promoted or continuing to grow at said company
  • You can’t be bothered to engage in collective brainstorming sessions because you’d rather save all your good ideas for when you get a job you actually enjoy

You’d leave if you could

Ask yourself: Would you leave this job if your financial situation allowed you to?

If the answer is ‘yes,’ start thinking about how you could make that happen.

Make a list of what you’re good at and what you enjoy doing and start thinking about what your ideal job would look like.

If you need some additional training, sign up for a course, start networking, and put yourself out there.

It can be hard to make a move during an economic downturn but it’s never too early to start moving in that direction.


  • You’re saving up for when you can leave
  • You’re hoping to be made redundant so that you can walk away with some extra cash
  • You don’t see yourself there in the next 2-3 years.

No one’s saying changing jobs or careers is easy but you’re the only one who can change your current situation.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, learn, and potentially even make mistakes along the way. Good luck!

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