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We've always been great value for money, and 2022 is going to be bigger and better. Here is why you should join TNW Conference. Register today and convince your boss pay for your ticket.

  • Professional growth

    Learn from the best, and get new insights and actionable ideas to implement in your workday and business right away. With dozens of keynotes, panel sessions, and workshops throughout the days, there is more content than you can handle, so feel free to make use of the video on demand offering after the event.

  • Get out again

    The world has missed you, the industry has missed you. We want to know how you're doing, what's new, what you're working on, and how to move forward from whatever we're calling 2020. Get out there, reconnect with the industry, and create personal relationships that can translate to long-term partners.

  • Do business

    There is nothing like doing business face-to-face. The value of meeting the people behind the business is priceless. Make your connections at TNW, and schedule meetings before, during, and after the event.

  • The experience

    TNW Conference is an award-winning experience. We do things differently. Others have tried to copy us time and time again, but nobody is quite able to recreate the vibe that is so unique to TNW. From the communication before to the tooling during, and the drinks in the late hours after the event. Welcome to TNW, you'll love it.

  • Friends, peers, partners

    TNW is the place where you meet and see your friends, peers, clients, and partners from the industry. Relationships are a sum of items you've experienced together. Our hardcore audience still remembers their first, second, and even 10th edition of the TNW Conference.

  • Market research

    You'll get a chance to see what's happening in the market. Join leading companies in tech and startups working on the next big thing to bounce off ideas, discuss business models and collaborations, and get a feel of where the industry is heading.

  • Before, during, after

    TNW is not just a 2-day event. You can start scheduling meetings before the event with our dedicated app, go all in and make the most of your time during the event, and access all content to watch on demand after the event, where you can follow up on your newly build relationships.

  • Networking done right

    TNW is designed for serendipity, but it's also powered to make networking efficient and pleasant. Make use of the app, see who else is attending, schedule meetings with relevant people, and get suggestions who you should meet based on a variety of variables and some AI magic.

Mark Adams

Chief Innovation Officer, VICE
Mark Adams

Whether it’s a live or digital only event, TNW is like nothing I’ve ever seen.

The earlier you purchase your pass, the better deal you get, it's that simple. See you there!

Get tickets

Get tickets

Whether you're attending for inspiration and knowledge, or to meet potential clients and do business. The earlier you purchase your pass the better deal you get, it's that simple. See you there!


    SALE: Get 2 Business Passes for €800 ex. VAT. Limited tickets available.

    • Access to exhibiting tech startups and growth companies

    • Access to keynotes, panels & fireside chats by industry experts

    • Access networking and matchmaking


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