Office Hours with StartupAmsterdam: Lead generation and finding your first customer

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Office Hours with StartupAmsterdam: Lead generation and finding your first customer

For StartupAmsterdam’s very last Office Hours session in 2022, we picked a topic that was up-voted the most by the TNW community itself - lead generation.

How do you find that first customer? And with enticing your first customer, how do you set up a well-oiled lead generation machine that will help your business grow organically?

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What to expect

You can ask Ellen anything about sales, for example:

  • What questions do I need to ask in order to determine if the client has a problem I can solve?

  • What should I focus on in the sales cycle?

  • How do I approach lead generation?

  • How do I perfect my sales pitch?

Guest experts

Ellen Spithoven

She started her career at Unilever where she was responsible for brands such as Ben&Jerry's, Ola and Lipton. She knows exactly how a corporate works and, more importantly, how to get them on board. Ellen is a rockstar in business development and sales.

She is co-founder of the Digital workspace (connecting IT students to SME’s), partner of the Ready to Scale program (support SME’s to speed up their growth), founder of the PIM launching customer platform (match innovative startups/scale-ups to innovation managers of corporates) and founder of the Circular Matchmaking Program (match SME’s to clients, chain partners or launching customers to speed up circular transition).

Ellen is a networker and always seeking for new business opportunities, connecting people and thinking out of the box. She is excited to kick-start projects from scratch, to scale up and reach targets!


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