This article was published on October 27, 2020

Zombify your face for Halloween with this creepy AI app

You can also try transforming into an evil doll

Zombify your face for Halloween with this creepy AI app Image by: The White House

Halloween is fast approaching, but you’ll probably have to postpone the parties this year and instead spend a lonesome evening at home with a bottle of scotch. Well, that’s my plan anyway.

Still, the social restrictions don’t mean you can’t experiment with devilish new looks from the comfort of your home. Thanks to the magic of AI, you can now transform yourself — or anyone else whose picture you’ve purloined — into a revolting zombie.

Credit: Make Me A Zombie
A marked improvement.

The app’s creator Jose Brown Kramer built the system by first transfer-learning a StyleGAN2 zombie generator. He then tweaked it to develop a hybrid model comprised of earlier layers from a human generator and later ones from the zombie generator.

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“I dumped 50,000 pairs of images — the first from the human StyleGAN2 generator, and the second with the same latent space representation, but passed through the zombie generator,” Kramer explained on Reddit. “I then used Pix2PixHD to learn a mapping from the pairs.”

Kramer says the system stores no record of your image, so your transformation into a zombie should be fairly painless.

The results are pretty impressive. Just check out this terrifying creature:

Credit: Ninian Reid
Sometimes real life’s scary enough.

But if the glut of hackneyed zombie movies has put you off walking corpses, you could instead try an AI-powered transformation into an evil doll.

Watch the video below to see another handy old man transform into a demon spawn of Chucky.

Happy Halloween!

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