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This article was published on May 13, 2022

You can now order a Tesla Semi: Here’s everything you need to know

Reservations are starting in the US

You can now order a Tesla Semi: Here’s everything you need to know

Tesla has finally opened orders for its long-anticipated, electric Semi truck — to US customers at least.

Expectedly, the automaker didn’t reveal any production date, but this week it did give us a better glance at performance figures, claimed range, and pricing.

Tesla Semi price
Credit: Tesla

Performance specs

Tesla will offer two different Semi models: one with 482km (300 miles) of range, and one with 804km (500 miles).

Both are powered by four rear-axle motors. According to the company, they can deliver a 0 to 60mph acceleration in 20 seconds, while loaded with 36 tons (80,000lbs) of cargo.

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Perhaps the most important figures are the 0.36 drag coefficient and the claimed energy consumption of less than 1.2kWh per kilometer (2kWh per mile) — for reference, that’s the average power used by eight Model 3 sedans.

As for its interior, you’ll notice a central seating position (it could be sold in both left- and right-hand driving countries), and a round steering wheel.

Semi Tesla price
Credit: Tesla

The driver has two large information screens that also serve as rear view mirrors. Tesla confirms the use of Autopilot, though it’s unknown if it will come as an optional or standard feature.


The Semi model with the 482km range will come cheaper at a base price of $150,000; the longer-range version will cost $180,000.

This price isn’t really high if we consider that an average Class 8 diesel-powered semi truck costs between $100,000 and $150,000. It’s also mind-bogglingly low compared to other electric semis, such as the Lion Electric’s $400,000 8T truck.

On top of that, Tesla says that the Semi could save an owner more than $200,000+ in fuel savings and maintenance costs over two years. However, we’ll need to examine this in real-world conditions, before we applaud it.

The automaker’s asking for a $20,000 reservation fee. Interested consumers have to put down a $5,000 deposit on the spot, and then arrange a $15,000 wire transfer within ten days. Plus, another $20,000 for every additional Semi.

The remaining question is: could this finally be the year of the Semi, which has been delayed since 2019? Well, probably not. But at least we know what it’ll cost customers for whenever that might happen.

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