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This article was published on September 4, 2020

The Winamp Skin Museum is a beautiful homage to an iconic piece of software

It's the least haunting skin museum I've been to

The Winamp Skin Museum is a beautiful homage to an iconic piece of software

Long before Spotify and YouTube were even a thing and downloading MP3s was still cool, Winamp was the preferred media player for over 60 million people. Feature-rich yet lightweight, it’s an app that shaped the musical experience of millions. It truly captures the definition of a seminal piece of software.

One of its most beloved features was the ability to personalize its interface with thousands of custom skins made by devoted artists — and someone has finally given us a chance to relive this experience in all of its glory.

Enter the The Winamp Skin Museum — a massive collection of skins for the legendary media player that lets you browse through over 65,000 different versions.

“The Winamp Skin Museum is an attempt to build a fast, searchable, and shareable, interface for the collection of Winamp Skins amassed on the Internet Archive,” says Facebook engineer a Jordan Eldredge, who created the project.

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Putting aside the truly incredible volume of skins available, one of my favorite things about the Skin Museum is its live preview user interface that lets you preview each skin as if you’ve already installed it on Winamp. You can even play the iconic “It really whips the llama’s ass” intro by the mysterious DJ Mike Llama.

Needless to say, each skin is available to download if you’re feeling like giving Winamp a fresh look.

Go take a trip down memory lane and visit the Winamp Skin Museum by clicking here.

Ah, and for the true Winamp admirers, don’t forget to check out this 3D concept that re-imagines the iconic app as an actual portable player. It’s pretty cool.

In the meantime, keep whipping the llama’s ass.

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