This article was published on July 19, 2021

How to join a WhatsApp call after it’s already started

WhatsApp has launched a 'joinable calls' feature

How to join a WhatsApp call after it’s already started

WhatsApp has launched a new feature that makes it easy to hop onto a call after it’s already started.

The “joinable calls” feature should be handy for the perennially tardy. WhatsApp says it also brings the spontaneity and ease of in-person chats to group calls:

Some of the best conversations happen when you least expect it. Now, if someone in your group misses a call when the phone rings, they can still join whenever they like. You can also drop-off and re-join so long as the call is still ongoing.

The joinable calls will remain end-to-end encrypted. WhatsApp has also integrated a call info screen, which shows who’s currently on the call and who hasn’t shown up yet.

The feature is now rolling out to users globally. Here’s how to use it:

Joining an incoming WhatsApp group call

  1. You’ll get a notification when you’re invited to a group video call.
  2. If you can’t join, click the ‘Ignore’ button. To open the call info screen, tap ‘Join.’
  3. From the call menu, you can preview the call participants and other invitees.
  4. Hit ‘Join’ to hop onto the call.
  5. While on the call, click ‘Open’ to access the call info screen.
    • Hit ‘Add participant’ to add more contacts to the call.
    • Tap ‘RING’ to send a notification to people who’ve already been invited.

Joining a missed group call

  1. Open WhatsApp, then tap the ‘CALLS’ tab.
  2. If the call has started, click on it to join. This opens the call info screen.
  3. From the call menu, tap ‘Join.’

That’s it! You’re now free to join a call fashionably late, with the reassurance that you won’t be barred from entering.

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