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This article was published on February 18, 2022

Watch the Nevera hypercar get smashed in crash test — the dummy survives!

It's the last test before its official rollout in Europe and the US

Ever wanted to watch a $2.4 million, 1,914 horsepower car get mangled? Well, friends, you’re in luck.

The video in question is from Carwow’s Mat Watson, who joined the final crash test of the Rimac Nevera, a battery electric hypercar. It’s the last installment in a series of 44 trials required for certification before its official rollout in Europe and the US. 

Rimac Nevera
Even a scratch on this beautiful machine makes me wanna cry. Image: Rimac

Once you move past the pain of watching this much money bursting into flames, there’s actually a lot to learn.

The car goes through a side pole crash test, as in it literally gets smashed into a pole at a 32km/h speed. Of course, the Nevera suffered some damage: the impact crushed the door, the side window was all cracked, and its carbon body was fractured.

But — and here’s the cool part — none of the damage was irreparable or life threatening. The vehicle’s exterior absorbed most of the impact’s force, the airbags went off as they should have, and the crash dummy was found safe and sound.

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In fact, the Nevera passed the crash test with flying colors. Not only did the test’s results exceed the legal limits, but it also beat the safety targets Rimac had set.

But what impressed me the most was the complexity of the test process itself: from the technical equipment and the standards for crash dummies, to the choices of the manufacturers.

Intrigued yet? You should be! Go and watch the video yourselves!

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