This article was published on October 22, 2020

Watch a VW ID.3 get smashed up in the name of safety

It's a five-star car

Watch a VW ID.3 get smashed up in the name of safety

When electric cars started to become popular many people were concerned about the safety of driving whilst sat atop high-voltage batteries. They needn’t have worried, though, because modern cars EV or not are pretty well-equipped to handle impacts.

It’s also worth noting that while EVs might contain lots of potentially dangerous electronics, there are safety systems in place to prevent these circuits from causing a danger to people. All high voltage lines are sheathed in bright orange cable housing too. If you’ve ever looked under an EV and seen orange cables, that’s why; it’s best not to mess around with them.

Check out this video from car safety testers Euro NCAP as they smash a Volkswagen ID.3 into all manner of objects to put it to the test. It’s a pretty good example of how a well-designed car, by today’s standards, performs in standard crash testing.

The ID.3 performs very well in all tests getting the maximum five-star rating from the testers.

Electric vehicles present designers and safety engineers with new opportunities as well.

As battery packs are mounted low to the ground, this gives EVs a low center of gravity and dramatically reduces the chance of them flipping over in a crash. The lack of an engine block also lets designers play with the bonnet shape and front-end crumple zones to make the car slightly safer for pedestrians and passengers alike.

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