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This article was published on April 16, 2021

Washington state effectively bans gasoline vehicles from 2030

The end is coming

Washington state effectively bans gasoline vehicles from 2030

Lawmakers in Washington state passed a bill last night that has effectively given a death sentence to gasoline-powered vehicles.

In short

The bill requires all passenger and light-duty vehicles sold or registered in 2030 or later to be powered by electricity.

That’s five years earlier than California, which has been seen as a progressive trendsetter in the US. But not anymore! It seems Washington is set to take that crown.

An important detail

It sounds simple enough, but there is a caveat, and the state isn’t simply banning cars.

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The new bill runs alongside the roll-out of a road-usage charge. Only when three-quarters of the state’s vehicles are subject to this road-usage charge will the bill kick in.

Money generated from this road toll will be used to invest in transport infrastructure, hopefully electric car chargers and public transit.

The bill is now with Gov. Jay Inslee for signature, once that happens it will become law.

To learn more about the Clean Cars 2030 bill, take a look at Washington-based environmental activist group Coltura’s write-up.

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