This article was published on January 28, 2021

Vivaldi is introducing two-level tabs — and I want them in every browser

Vivaldi is introducing two-level tabs — and I want them in every browser

Vivaldi browser has had a unique approach to tab management. Over the years, it has introduced features such as stacking, muting, and pinning tabs; it also lets you view two tabs in a split-screen mode in one window.

The brainchild of Opera co-founder Jon von Tetzchner is getting a hot new feature with Vivaldi’s latest update — two-level stacked tabs. I’m excited about this as this makes navigating through groups much easier. Sure, it takes a bit more screen space, but I’m willing to give that up in exchange for a tidy-looking browser window.

You can form a two-level tab stack by selecting multiple tabs. You’ll see all the tabs under the new group in another tab bar below the default one. Take a look at the two-level tab stack feature in action in the GIF below. 

Creating two-level tab stacks in Vivaldi browser

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If you don’t want to use two-level stacking, you can still use compact stacking to save some screen space — you’ll have to hover on a group to check out its tabs for this setting. You can change this behavior by heading to Settings > Tabs > Stacked Tabs.

Compact tab stacking v Two-level tab stacking

Other browsers such as Chrome has a feature that groups tabs, but when a group is expanded, all its tabs are visible in the main bar. A solution like Vivaldi’s would mean that the main tab bar remains clutter-free.

Chrome’s grouped tab feature — an existing group

Currently, this functionality is available just for the desktop version of Vivaldi. You can download the latest version of the browser here.

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