This article was published on May 7, 2021

Virgin Hyperloop co-founder says commercial trips could start in 2027

First stops: India and Saudi Arabia

Virgin Hyperloop co-founder says commercial trips could start in 2027 Image by: Sarah Lawson (Virgin Hyperloop)

Magnetic floating pods traveling through a series of tubes sound like a scene from sci-fi movies, right? But what if they could be used for mass transport?

The American transport tech company Virgin Hyperloop expects to make it happen by 2027, co-founder and Chief Executive Josh Giegel told Reuters

The company is developing tech for passenger pods that will reach a speed up to 1,200 kilometers through almost air-free vacuum tunnels using magnetic levitation.

Simply put, the pods are super-fast because the lack of air and the magnetic levitation reduce friction.

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They will accommodate 28 passengers, and will also be used for freight.

“It will feel like an aircraft at take-off and once you’re at speed,” Geigel said. Well, that’s exciting. 

Virgin Hyperloop is not alone in the race to revolutionize travel, especially since Elon Musk reignited interest in the system back in 2013.

Nevertheless, last November it run the first successful safety test with human passengers.

Virgin Hyperloop will make its first routes in India and Saudi Arabia, where the transport systems are overloaded or underdeveloped.

To offer a glimpse in the future, a hyperloop promises to reduce the three-and-a-half-hour trip from Mumbai to Pune to just 35 minutes.

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