This article was published on April 22, 2020

Verizon gives customers 15GB of extra data for the month of May

Verizon gives customers 15GB of extra data for the month of May

Here’s a nice little surpise for Verizon customers: the company today announced it would be giving both regular customers and small businesses an extra 15GB of data for the period spanning May 1 through May 31.

The freebie covers regular 4G LTE phone usage, hotpot usage, and Verizon’s ‘Jetpack’ dedicated hotspots. It’s not clear from the announcement whether customers with a fancy 5G phone should disable 5G for the additional benefit. I’d assume the phones would switch to 4G LTE should they hit their typical data alotment.

Though Verizon offers unlimited data plans as well and capped ones, these come with limits on how much they can use at full speed, and how much they can use for hotspots. Some plans max out with as little as 2GB of data, so the extra 15GB is a major upgrade.

Presumably most people are stuck at home using Wi-Fi these days, It’s a nice gesture for essential workers or those who simply find themselves using having to use LTE data more often for whatever reason. Customers need not take any action to get the extra data – it’s being applied automatically.

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