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This article was published on September 24, 2021

Unagi packs pothole-dodging smarts into its hot new escooter

A world-first in two-wheel mobility

Unagi packs pothole-dodging smarts into its hot new escooter

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We’ve longed for a time when our transport is not simply just connected, but actually smart and intuitive. Well, that time might be here, thanks to Unagi. This week, they showcased their latest escooter, the Model Eleven, a successor to the Model One.

While the escooter is available at a cheaper price without AI, its inclusion makes it a powerhouse.

ADAS comes to two-wheel mobility

The Model Eleven is the only two-wheel consumer vehicle with an integrated advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) sensor. It detects objects in your periphery and warns of spending collisions and dangers. According to the company’s CEO, David Hyman,

The scooter literally sees potential collusions and warns its rider.

This is great for rider safety. Further, Model Eleven knows the difference between a stoplight, stop sign, person, car, or inanimate object. It provides both audio and visual warnings via the embedded audio system and display.

The Unagi Scooter Eleven integrates voice-activated google turn-by-turn instructions into your ride.

The escooter also features voice-activated turn-by-turn instructions. There’s also the opportunity to listen to music via Bluetooth. The rider receives an alert if the escootergets moved and can also activate a remote kill switch via the app in case of theft.

What I like most about the ADAS system is that it pivots the use of AI. Currently, micromobility companies are deploying the tech to reduce bad rider behavior, but this offers rider-assistance in not only good behavior but also rider safety.

Seriously sleek escooter design

the Model Eleven escooter is available in a range of colours
The Model Eleven escooter is seriously stylish.

Besides its intuitive capabilities, this is an escooter with serious design chops.

It owes its style to industrial design legend Yves Béhar. Béhar is the founder and principal designer of Fuseproject, an industrial design and brand development firm. He’s previously designed motorcycles, a surfboard, as well as work for PUMA, General Electric, Jawbone, and many more. According to Béhar:

Public transport in the urban landscape is being transformed. As designers, we have an opportunity to create a solution that is specifically designed for a city landscape. We designed the Unagi scooterto be high-performance and safe, durable and beautiful, lightweight, and ergonomic. Ultimately, we want this electric scooter to be our go-to for urban mobility.

Model Eleven is made almost entirely of long carbon, including the handlebars, stem, and platform. This helps a whole lot with weight reduction. The escooter weighs in at an ultralight 14.5kg (32lbs), while other full-suspension scooters weigh over 20kg (45lbs).

An elastomer-based suspension system makes it easy to ride over tough terrain like cobblestones and potholes. This is a great advantage, especially in cities that lack the ideal infrastructure for safe scootering.

The Model Eleven Scooter folded
The Model Eleven scooter folds for easy portability and storage.

Model Eleven runs on a dual-motor system, with each motor delivering 250W of power for a total of 1,100W. The battery is removable and swappable, reducing the problem of range anxiety.

According to Hyman, the company is especially proud of the dual-motor design and “incredible torque,” providing “unmatched acceleration plus superior hill-climbing capabilities.”

Unagi has worked on the escooter since August 2019 and plans to begin shipping in September 2022. Model Eleven retails $1,690USD with the ADAS on crowdfunding site Indiegogo.

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