This article was published on June 15, 2021

Twitter’s testing a ‘DON’T @ ME BRO’ feature

Walk out of a conversation

Twitter’s testing a ‘DON’T @ ME BRO’ feature

One of the most annoying things about Twitter is someone mentioning you in a conversation you’re not interested in and blowing up your notifications.

Currently, you can only mute the conversation. However, Twitter is working on a new feature that lets you “unmention” yourself from it. Dominic Camozzi, a privacy designer at Twitter, showed off some early concepts of how the feature might work.

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In order to do remove yourself from the conversation in question, Camozzi said you’ll have to select the unmention option from the three-dot menu on the tweet. What’s more, if an account you don’t follow mentions you, you’ll get a special notification and an option to prevent further mentions.

Twitter is also thinking about times when people are mass mentioning you— there’s a special notification for that too — and you just want some peace in your life. The company said you’ll be able to pause mentions for one day, three days, or seven days. Bliss.

These features can save a lot of users from mass targeting, but they’re currently in a concept stage. For now, Twitter’s just looking for feedback on various methods of implementation.

The company rolled out the limit replies feature last year, but you have to apply that filter before you tweet. But the unmentioned feature is useful when tweets are already out there. I’m looking forward to see if Twitter makes any changes to these concepts when the feature finally rolls out.

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