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This article was published on July 14, 2021

Twitter will now let you limit replies to a tweet after you’ve posted it


Twitter will now let you limit replies to a tweet after you’ve posted it

It’s an annoying feeling that when you post a tweet and realize that you forgot to turn on reply filters. Currently, you either have to delete the tweet, or let reply guys and trolls have a field day.

Twitter is fixing that behavior now by introducing an update to reply limitations: you can turn them on after tweeting. The company made this announcement through its safety account last night.

Sometimes you might’ve sent a tweet you thought to be harmless, but if trolls pick up on it, you only had the option to mute the conversation. But now, if replies get abusive or unbearable, you can turn on the reply filter to limit that.

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A Twitter designer recently showed off a concept feature called “unmention” that lets you untag yourself from a conversation. While the new reply limitation feature update is not similar, you can partially get out of a conversation by applying the filter after tweeting.

If you don’t know how to use the limit replies feature, you can refer to our handy guide on the topic.

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