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This article was published on October 30, 2019

Traditional and digital news organizations need to band together to fight ‘fake news’

Traditional and digital news organizations need to band together to fight ‘fake news’
Financial Times

Fake news, Facebook News, Brexit, WhatsApp hacks, and the “enemy of the people.”

These are just some of the fast-changing stories that journalists across Europe are striving to cover — at times finding themselves at the center of that story. 

Europe’s newsrooms are facing multiple challenges as they adjust to a more populist environment, greater competition from digital rivals, and continued financial constraints. For the sake of citizens, societies, and world order, journalists and publishers must now navigate an ever more complex landscape to hold power accountable.

“Fake news undermines well-informed democratic debate… it also destroys public confidence in media and adds to the financial pressures facing quality news organizations,” said James Lamont, Managing Editor of the Financial Times, when discussing a new UK-wide initiative to fight fake news.

On November 26 in Amsterdam, The Future of News Europe will gather top editors, executives, and thought leaders from across print, TV, and digital to debate how to secure growth, safeguard transparency, and promote quality journalism for the next generation.

At the fourth edition of the transatlantic Future of News conference series, traditional news organizations will discuss how they’ve emerged leaner, stronger, and stealthier, having learned to battle — and partner — with digital rivals, both large and small. The continent’s best-known executive and editorial teams will explain how they’ve embraced innovation, engagement with consumers, and fresh growth strategies.

Themes will include repositioning news as a public service, and a re-ignition of passion in the industry.

As Mishal Husain, a leading broadcaster at the BBC told the FT Weekend Festival in September: “One thing that is positive is the fact that I — and I suspect all of us journalists today — have a renewed sense of mission and purpose.” 

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