This article was published on March 16, 2021

Toyota’s 2021 Mirai fuel cell EV is insanely cheap — but just for 2 more weeks

Toyota’s 2021 Mirai fuel cell EV is insanely cheap — but just for 2 more weeks Image by: Toyota Motor

This article was originally published by John Faulkner on Clean Fleet Report, a publication that gives its readers the information they need to move to cars and trucks with best fuel economy, including electric cars, fuel cells, plug-in hybrids, hybrids and advanced diesel and gasoline engines.

If you live in California and can act fast, there is a purchase opportunity that is completely unheard of in the wild world of car sales. It’s not a free car, but it’s heading that direction. Got your attention? Here is the offer.

2021 Toyota Mirai FCEV
So much car for so little

Through the end of March 2021, 18 days from when this story was posted,  California residents can get a 2021 Toyota Mirai FCEV (fuel cell electric vehicle) for a steep discount. Here’s the offer for either the Mirai XLE or Limited models. All prices are off MSRP.

  • $20,000 cash incentive
  • $8,000 Federal tax credit
  • $4,500 California rebate (there are some income restrictions on this)

This means the $49,500 XLE model could be yours for a net of $17,000. The pricier and well-equipped $66,000 Limited would drop to $33,500, less than the cost of the base Avalon.

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But wait, there’s more!

All 2021 Mirai purchasers get:

  • 0% interest for 72 months through Toyota financing
  • $15,000 fuel credit for three years for those who lease (up to six years to use $15,000 of fuel if purchased or financed through Toyota)
  • 21 days free rental of a Toyota, if you need to go further than the estimated 402 miles of driving range for the XLE, or 357 miles for the Limited
  • HOV lane sticker
  • Three-year/35,000-mile maintenance coverage
  • Three-year/unlimited mile roadside assistance
  • Eight-year/100,000-mile fuel cell electric vehicle component warranty

2021 Toyota Mirai FCEV
And this is free, too

Clean Fleet Report is very impressed with the all-new 2021 Toyota Mirai, which runs on hydrogen, available at 44 retail stations in California. If this fantastic offer intrigues you, check out our reviews before heading to your Northern or Southern California Toyota dealer.

Northern California Toyota Mirai Dealers

  • Dublin Toyota
  • Roseville Toyota
  • San Francisco Toyota
  • Stevens Creek Toyota (San Jose)
  • Toyota Sunnyvale

Southern California Toyota Mirai Dealers

  • Hamer Toyota (Mission Hills)
  • Longo Toyota (El Monte)
  • Toyota of Orange
  • Toyota of Santa Monica
  • Tustin Toyota

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