This article was published on May 26, 2021

TikTok is now tagging dangerous ‘self-driving’ videos — but it’s not enough

Should such videos be uploaded at all?

TikTok is now tagging dangerous ‘self-driving’ videos — but it’s not enough Image by: shendrickson21/TikTok

Videos of “driverless” Teslas have sadly become a “thing” on social media.

But at least TikTok seems to be trying to offer some kind of “protection” to its users by tagging Autopilot videos with the following statement:

The actions in this video could result in serious injury or adverse health effects.

Check it out in the tweet bellow.


This seems to be a small improvement compared to the prior complete lack of such tags, but it nevertheless contradicts TikTok’s safety statements.

Credit: TikTok

As is clearly stated, TikTok doesn’t permit content that can encourage users to participate in dangerous and potentially harmful or fatal activities.

But at the same time it does, doesn’t it? Much content that contravenes these guidelines has been allowed to remain on the platform.

Take a look at this video:

@blurrblakeTesla was the DD for the night ##fyp ##foryou ##foryoupage ##viral ##tesla ##dontletthisflop♬ original sound – Blake

Or this one:

@premium_hubzI love this car to much ?##fyp ##foryou ##tesla had to re edit♬ original sound – Mr. Hub

Disclaimers such as “don’t try this at home” or “this may result in injury” are simply not enough to eliminate danger. Impressionable users who can see that a Tesla can operate in a “driverless” mode most likely won’t be discouraged by the small print.

If TikTok really wants to protect its community, it needs to filter with stricter criteria the content that gets uploaded. Otherwise, it doesn’t really do much better than Tesla itself that advertises its products as full self-driving features, while warning that they don’t qualify as autonomous driving.

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