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This article was published on February 5, 2018

Three reasons why Disconnect is the VPN’s next generation

Three reasons why Disconnect is the VPN’s next generation

For the last few years, most security experts have been trumpeting the virtues of a virtual private network (VPN). And yes, VPNs are great. But they do have some downsides…as well as areas of improvement. That’s why many have been embracing Disconnect as the natural evolution of the protections offered by a VPN.

Right now, you can find out for yourself why picking up this tracking blocker/VPN all under one hood is such a plus. Disconnect is not only on sale, but also available with an additional $20 price drop, bringing your total down to just $49, an over 90 percent savings, from TNW Deals.

If you need three (more) good reasons to pick up Disconnect, there’s…

1. Faster speeds

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While VPN users often suffer either rerouted traffic or ISP throttling slowdowns, Disconnect has countered those hobblings by scrapping all the speed-sucking parasites off your browser. By getting rid of all the trackers and malware that slow your system, Disconnect can actually get you running up to 44 percent faster. And that’s while using almost 40 percent LESS bandwidth.

2. Data encryption

With Disconnect, all your sensitive personal information is safely encased behind your encrypted WiFi conduit to the web. By using their ultra-protected service, no one — no cyber crooks, busybodies or government snoops — can compromise your data. Heck, even Disconnect can’t get at it…the service collects no personal information that you don’t volunteer, providing steel-trap security at all times.

3. Anonymous surfing

Disconnect throws an all-encompassing cloak over your IP address and all of your online actions. No matter where you go or what you do on the web, prying eyes can’t follow.

Right now, you can get a lifetime of Disconnect access (a $500 value) — with the added price drop — for only $49. Or, if you’d like to sample Disconnect at a lower price point, you can jump in for more limited 3-year ($29) and 1-year ($19) plans.

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