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This article was published on May 28, 2019

This website turns Bitcoin blockchain activity into ASMR

Perfect for anxious cryptocurrency traders

This website turns Bitcoin blockchain activity into ASMR

Holding cryptocurrency can be exhilarating, yet absolutely depressing. Luckily, a website automatically transmogrifies Bitcoin activity into soft, soothing sounds to help you relax through its ups-and-downs.

Yes, you could even call it “Bitcoin ASMR.”

BitListen is a “real-time Bitcoin transaction visualizer.” Individual Bitcoin transactions appear on screen as bubbles, and the amounts dictate their size. Large bubbles trigger big sounds, while smaller ones softly drift in and out of existence.

BitListen supports three instruments: Celesta, a metallic instrument that resembles the under-appreciated trianglePlanet, a celestial-inspired futuristic synth; and Wikki, which can only be described as a dreamy steel drum.

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My personal favorite is Celesta. With this setting enabled, the steady stream of Bitcoin transforms into something more than a simple soundscape.

BitListen was originally launched under the name “Listen to Bitcoin” back in 2013. After suffering an unfortunate security breach that led to it being hijacked by malware, its creator Maximillian Laumeister reopened the site under a different moniker.

Back then, Bitcoin had a relatively tiny market cap of $1 billion. Today, that valuation is beyond $154 billion, and the frequency of Bitcoin transactions has risen significantly along with it – which means BitListen sounds almost entirely different to how it did in 2013.

Indeed, odds are BitListen could bring high-frequency cryptocurrency investors some meditative relief in between trades, especially now there are enough transactions to power it sufficiently.

If you’re feeling stressed by the Bitcoin bull, this site might do the trick. Close your eyes, sit back, and say the mantra with me: Long Bitcoin, short the bankers… Long Bitcoin, short the bankers…

And if ASMR doesn’t do it for you, you could always give Bitcast a go.

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